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SimplySafe stove guard


  • high barrier prevents the pulling down of pots and the touching the hobs
  • the danger of large-scale burns by hot liquids is minimized
  • easy assembly and disassembly thanks to clever plug-in system - makes cleaning easy
  • installation without drilling and screwing with special adhesive tape, residue-free removal
  • suitable for electric and induction stoves and for all worktops, infinitely adjustable width
  • slim design fits in harmoniously into every kitchen
Product number: 20030

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SimplySafe Stove guard
Caution, hot!
Caution, hot!
Burns and scalds are among the most common accidents to affect small children. 80% of these accidents occur around the stove. A short moment is all it takes for your child to pull a pot full of hot food off of the stove – and face life-threatening injuries.
The SimplySafe stove guard protects your child from serious burns and scalding, so you can enjoy cooking without needing to worry.
Especially safe
Especially safe thanks to its extra-high and long design and heat-insulated material
With an extended height of 12 cm, the stove guard is high enough to prevent your child from reaching over it. Its fully closed construction means it’s not possible to reach through the guard. 22-cm-long side panels provide additional protection. They make it impossible to pull down any pots or pans from the side.
Practical to use
Practical to use in any situation
The stove guard can be used on both electric and induction stoves. Its width can be adjusted in the range of 55 - 61 cm, for a perfectly precise fit with your cooktop. The stove guard’s mounting strips are attached directly to the kitchen top using special adhesive tape, allowing it to be conveniently attached to any worktop, regardless of surface material and thickness.
Easy assembly & cleaning
Easy assembly & cleaning practical plug-in system without any need for drilling or screwing
The guard’s clever plug-in system makes it easy to assemble and disassemble it in just a few simple steps. The specially developed adhesive tape ensures secure attachment of the stove guard without the need for tools. If stove protection is no longer required, the adhesive tape can be removed without leaving any residue.
For cleaning the stove, adults can quickly and easily remove the stove guard from its mounting strips. The plug-in system’s individual parts are made of metal and heat-resistant plastic and can be cleaned using warm water and mild detergent.
Product details
Product details
  • easy mounting and demounting without drilling or screwing
  • easy plug system
  • residue-free removal
  • expandable length: 55 - 61 cm
  • heigth: 12 cm
  • easy cleaning
  • suitable for electric and induction stoves
  • suitable for all worktops
  • material: metal, plastic
  • colour: white / black

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