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SilentGuard Baby capsule ear protectors, rose


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  • reliable protection against harmful noises (SNR=25)
  • prevents pressure on your child's sensitive head
  • very small and light ear capsules
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SilentGuard Baby
SilentGuard Baby Capsule ear protectors
Protection for sensitive baby ears
Protection for sensitive baby ears
Hearing is not yet fully developed in babies and toddlers, and they are particularly sensitive to noise. Noises louder than 85 decibels (e.g. airport noises, or fireworks) are harmful to sensitive baby ears, and can cause permanent hearing damage. Because of this, you should protect the hearing of your little one(s) as well as possible. The SilentGuard Baby capsule ear protector provides reliable protection against harmful noises, preventing possible hearing damage.
Reliable protection
Reliable protection thanks to effective insulation
Prolonged exposure to any noises louder than 80 decibels (e.g. lawn mowers, large groups of people) can cause damage to hearing. The louder the noise, the quicker it results in hearing damage. A sound that is as loud as 110 decibels (e.g. firework, a car horn honking nearby) can lead to immediate damage to hearing. Because of their insulation, these capsule ear protectors have a single number rating (SNR) of 25, providing reliable protection to sensitive baby ears. A sound insulation level of 25 SNR means that, on average, the protector reduces the sound intensity by 25 decibels before the sound reaches the eardrums. As a result, most loud noises can be reduced to a harmless level (under 80 decibels).
A perfect fit that grows with the child
A perfect fit that grows with the child thanks to the headband with a hook-and-loop fastener
Because of its hook-and-loop fastener, the size of the soft, elastic headband can be flexibly adjusted. Thus, you can adapt the headband exactly to the head of your baby, so that it fits snugly, does not cause pressure, and ensures optimal wearing comfort. This headband is also so thin and soft that it does not bother children when sleeping.
High wearing comfort
High wearing comfort thanks to light and soft ear capsules
The shape of the ear capsules ensures a snug fit for the small ears of babies. Because the hearing protectors use very light sound-dampening materials, they are exceptionally comfortable to wear. The soft, skin-friendly ear padding ensures a pleasant fit for the baby’s ears. The capsules are not fastened hard to the headband: they are flexible and can be moved such that they can be placed exactly over the ears.
Easy-to-carry thanks to a foldable design
The two-ear capsules can be put together and fastened to the headband. Because of this particularly handy design, the ear capsules do not occupy much space when you need to transport them. Thus you can take these ear protectors wherever you need them the most: at weddings, street parties with fireworks, or airports.
SilentGuard ear protector for babies and small children
The SilentGuard product range includes ear protectors for babies of 12 months of age and older, and up to school-age children. While SilentGuard Baby is designed to be perfectly-suited to the needs of babies (12-24 months), SilentGuard Kids is particularly good for children of age 24 months and older, growing in size together with them. Both the models are available in blue and rose/pink.
Product details
Product details
  • reliable protection against harmful noises (SNR=25)
  • a perfect fit that grows with the child, thanks to adjustable headbands for optimum wearing comfort (47-54 cm)
  • avoids pressure points on your child's sensitive head
  • very small and light ear capsules
  • foldable design
  • skin-friendly and durable materials, easy cleaning
  • tested according to EN 352-1
  • also available: SilentGuard Baby in blue colour or SilentGuard Kids in pink colour for children of age 24 months and older

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