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RainSafe Baby rain cover for baby seats


  • can be used universally with baby seats — including those with covers or a sleeping function
  • more safety with reflective elements with child-friendly design
  • optimal air circulation and direct contact with the child thanks to extra-large viewing window
  • fully enclosing elastic band for fast mounting and removal
  • large storage bag for easy storage of the rain cover
Product number: 84051

Our Awards

Rainsafe Baby
Rainsafe Baby DesignLine rain cover for baby car seat
Safe and secure all round
Safe and secure all round
The designline RainSafe product line not only offers protection against wet and windy conditions, but also convinces with a number of useful features. Thanks to the reflective elements in the childlike design, they provide special protection, even in poor visibility conditions. 
Whether with the version for the baby car seat, the combination pram or buggy - the little passenger is safe and secure all round on his journey through the world.
Universally applicable
Universally applicable for infant carriers with hood and recline function
A rain cover should never be missing on an outing with your little darling. The RainSafe Baby can be used universally for infant carriers with a hood and reclining function. It offers your little treasure a dry and safe ride, even in dusky or windy weather. Thanks to the reflective elements in the childlike design, you and your darling can be seen from a distance, because in poor visibility conditions, even the familiar route to the supermarket can become a danger.
Quick and practical
Quick and practical incl. storage bag
If you are caught out by rain, snow or strong winds, the all-round elastic allows you to put it on and take it off quickly and provides a secure hold on the baby car seat. This keeps your little passenger dry and protected. 
Thanks to the storage bag, you always have the rain cover at hand and even after use you can put the wet* rain cover in the storage bag, because the bag is waterproof and prevents other items in the pram from getting wet. 
*Store dry after use.
Extra-large viewing window
Extra-large viewing window for direct contact with the child
The extra-large viewing window with Velcro fastening allows easy and quick access to your darling. When your child wants the dummy or bottle, you can quickly and easily reach in through the viewing window. In addition, the viewing window ensures optimal air circulation.
Product details:
Product details:
  • universally usable for baby car seats, also with hood or reclining function more safety thanks to reflective elements in childlike design 
  • large viewing window ensures optimal air circulation and enables direct contact with the child 
  • all-round elastic for quick putting on and taking off in case of sudden rain or snow 
  • incl. large storage bag for easy stowage of the rain cover

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