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NightGuide SmartLight


  • soothing smart sleep light with motion sensor
  • warm white light and colour mode
  • can be controlled via app and voice assistants
  • integrated battery (1000 mAh)
  • adjustable timer in the app
  • mounting using a magnet or loop
  • material: plastic
  • contents: 1x NightGuideSmartLight, 1x micro-USB cable, 1x magnetic mounting plate, 1x fastening strap
  • dimensions: approx. ⌀ 8,3 cm x 2,8 cm
Product number: 52460
NightGuide SmartLight
NightGuide SmartLight Smart night light
Falling asleep in tranquil security
Falling asleep in tranquil security
Falling asleep and sleeping through the night is often difficult for many children. The monster under the bed, the shadow on the wall or even the silence and loneliness of night frequently make it hard for children to fall asleep and sleep right through. A night light can offer many years of good service in this context.
The NightGuide SmartLight is even more successful in this, as it allows you to personalise your child’s sleep experience. Colours, sounds and a timer function enable you to create the perfect environment for your child to fall asleep and sleep through, with control via an app.

Soft light
Soft light for undisturbed sleep
The soft glow of the NightGuide SmartLight creates a cosy atmosphere and so helps your child to slip into a deep and carefree sleep. It can be adjusted precisely in line with your child’s needs and preferences. Not only is it possible to change its brightness in a non-incremental process but the colour of the light can also be selected flexibly, with over 16 million colours to choose from.

Small and handy
Small and handy mobile night light
The small night light is not only perfectly suited to making your little one’s room less dark, but it can also help you to find your way around at night – for example, for night feeds: first, you can light your path along dark hallways. Afterwards, you can use the light to provide a little brightness during the night feed.   
Easy use
Easy use can be controlled by app or voice assistant
You can easily integrate the night light into the Smartlife app via Bluetooth and control it via the app or a voice assistant – without having to enter your child’s room. The free app, which can be set up on your mobile phone in just four steps, allows you not only to operate the night light but also to adjust the SmartLight in line with your child’s wishes. Additional useful functions, which can be conveniently controlled by mobile phone, include:

• Altering of light colour and brightness
• Starting of the timer function (adjustable as required between 00:01 and 23:59)
• Choose pre-installed scenes or create your own (e.g. set duration, type and colour of colour change)

Flexible use
Flexible use thanks to practical magnet attachment and additional strap
The sleep aid can gently lull your child to sleep at any time and any place. While most night lights can only be positioned to stand on a bedside table, the NightGuide SmartLight is equipped with an additional strap that allows it to be hung up. This means that the light can, for instance, be attached to a canopy. The light can also be fastened to the wall thanks to the practical magnet attachment.   
Automatic switch-on and switch-off
Automatic switch-on and switch-off thanks to intelligent sensors
The NightGuide is equipped with a twilight and motion sensor. When the light is set to AUTO mode, it automatically switches on as soon as it detects movement in a dark environment. The sensor can detect movement across 120° and can perceive movement from a distance of up to 7 m in front of it (up to 3 m to the side).  
Product details:
Product details:
  • Soothing smart sleep light with motion sensor
  • Warm white light and colour mode
  • Can be controlled via the app and voice assistants
  • Integrated battery (1000 mAh)
  • Adjustable timer in the app (00:01 – 23:59)
  • Mounting using a magnet or strap
  • Contents: 1x SmartLight, 1x micro USB, 1x magnetic attachment device, 1x strap

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Question : Wie kann ich in der SmartLife App für das NightGuide SmartLight die Bewegunserkennung nutzen? Die Autoeinstellung leuchtet viel zu kurz, und ich würde das gerne mit dem Timer kombinieren.
From : customer

Der Timer kann über den Punkt 2 unten Links eingestellt werden. Es können auch Szenen gewählt werden (unter Punkt 5) die entweder so genommen werden wie bereits erstellt oder diese werden selbst erstellt.


Im AUTO-Modus schaltet sich das Licht automatisch an, sobald es dunkel ist und eine Bewegung erkannt wird.
Der Erkennungsbereich des Sensors liegt bei 120° und bis zu 7 Meter vor dem Sensor und
3 Meter seitlich des Sensors.
Hinweis: Aufgrund des Lichtsensors geht das Licht im AUTO- Modus nur an wenn es dunkel

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