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Neo Digital baby monitor


  • digital transmission – FHSS technology
  • range up to 250 m
  • low radiation and energy-saving due to optional ECO mode and VOX function
  • range control: optical/acoustic
  • adjustable sound sensitivity
Product number: 50040

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Neo Digital
Neo Digital digital baby monitor
A reliable connection with your child
A reliable connection with your child
The safety and well-being of their child is the number-one priority of parents. And you especially always want to know that the child feels well when it is in bed. Since you cannot constantly monitor your child’s sleep in person, you need something to provide reliable monitoring. With the Neo Digital baby monitor, you will remain in constant contact with your child and be informed of its well-being. It will give you a window into your child’s room and allow you relax without disturbing your child’s valuable sleep.
Secure connection with clear sound
Secure connection with clear sound thanks to FHSS technology
The Neo digital baby monitor uses an optimal combination of a baby and parent unit to help you monitor your sleeping child. A crystal-clear connection without interference is guaranteed thanks to FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology. Thanks to regular and automatic changing of channels, Neo is 100% tap-proof.
Low radiation and energy-saving
Low radiation and energy-saving due to optional ECO mode and VOX function
Thanks to its intelligent noise activation feature (VOX), a connection is only established between the devices if the baby makes a noise. If your child sleeps well, the baby monitor will automatically switch to standby mode. Additionally, the baby unit can be switched to ECO mode. This reduces the radiation produced by the device, as long as the baby monitor is in standby mode. These product features will not only minimise the energy consumption of the baby monitor, but also reduce the radiation it emits.
Mobile with a range of 250 m and a range control
Battery operation enables the parent unit to be used independently from a fixed power source. With a range up to 250 m, Neo Digital offers sufficient freedom of movement in the house and garden. As soon as you exceed the range and reliable operation of the device can no longer be guaranteed, the baby monitor will notify you acoustically and visually. With its handy design and belt clip, you can conveniently attach the parent unit to your clothing. This way, you can keep your hands free and your baby monitor within arm’s reach.
Highly flexible
Highly flexible with a USB adapter and two USB cables
The parent unit can be powered via a USB adapter or with batteries. The batteries can be charged directly in the baby monitor using the USB adapter included. Thanks to the separate USB cable, the baby monitor can also be charged using a typical USB adapter from an electrical socket or other electronic USB devices.
Safe operation
Safe operation with LED status
The LED status above the power switch provides instant information on the parent unit at a glance. If the LED is green, it means that there is a good connection with the baby unit, without interference. If it blinks red, you might have exceeded the range of the device, or its batteries may have run out. If the baby monitor detects noises from your child, the LED will provide additional indication by blinking green. This way, you will be aware of all your child's activity, even if background noise makes it difficult to hear the sound transmission.
Easy to find
Easy to find thanks to the pager function
If you misplace your parent unit, the pager function of the baby monitor will help you find it quickly. Press the pager button on the baby unit, and the parent unit will produce an acoustic signal. This will help you locate the Neo Digital parent unit easily, saving you the stress of looking for it.
Product detail
Product detail
  • digital transmission — FHSS technology
  • range up to 250 m
  • VOX function: intelligent automatic switch-on
  • range control: optical/acoustic
  • adjustable sound sensitivity
  • belt clip
  • pager search function
  • battery and/or mains operation
  • 1x parent unit, 1x baby unit, 1x USB power supply, 2x USB charging cable, batteries for the parent unit (optional)

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Question : Wir haben uns dieses Babyphone gekauft. Bei uns brummt bzw Summt die Elterneinheit nur sehr laut und überträgt keine Geräusche außer ich klopfe mit dem Fingernagel auf die Babyeinheit. Was machen wir denn falsch?
From : customer

Probleme mit unserem Rigi bzw. Neo Digital lassen sich häufig durch ein Neu-Verbinden der Elterneinheit mit der Babyeinheit lösen. Gehen Sie dafür bitte wie folgt vor:

1. Schalten Sie beide Geräte aus.
2. Drücken Sie bei beiden Geräten gleichzeitig den ON Knopf und halten Sie diesen für 3-4 Sekunden gedrückt.
3. Es kann hierbei zu einer Rückkopplung kommen, die jedoch zeigt, dass die Geräte wieder richtig miteinander verbunden sind.
4. Sollte dies keine Besserung bringen, ist ein größerer Defekt wahrscheinlich. Wir bitten Sie deshalb, das Gerät bei dem Händler zu reklamieren und austauschen zu lassen, bei dem Sie es gekauft haben.

Question : Wie kann man den ECO-Modus aktivieren?
From : customer

Der Eco-Modus kann durch dreimaliges Drücken der ON-Taste auf der Elterneinheit aktiviert und deaktiviert werden.

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