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NIKIDOM Mobile Foldable Booster Seat


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  • Mobile foldable child seat
  • Booster seat for children
  • The only booster seat that fits in a diaper bag ultra compact
Product number: NIK002
Nikidom Booster Seat
Nikidom Booster Seat Even fits in a diaper bag
Fits in a diaper bag
Fits in a diaper bag Can be taken anywhere
The Nikidom booster seat is so flat that it is the only booster seat that fits in a diaper bag. When folded, it is only 3.2 cm high. It also weighs only 1200 g. This makes this booster seat the ideal companion for on the go. You can set it up or take it down in just 2 hand movements. So you can take it everywhere with you comfortably and without any problems.

Holds your baby
Holds your baby Stable construction and secure hold
The seat is suitable for all children up to a body weight of 15 kg. Its sturdy construction ensures a stable seat for your child. For optimal support, the Nikidom Booster Seat is equipped with side rests and an adjustable 3-point belt.
Long straps
Long straps Firm hold on many chairs
The long straps of the Nikidom Booster seat ensure that your child can sit anywhere at the table. Whether on the wide chairs in the restaurant or the deep chairs at your mother's, the narrow chairs in the bistro or the armchair-like seats wherever else you are: You can attach the Nikidom Booster Seat everywhere.
Easy to clean
Easy to clean Can even be put in the dishwasher
The Nikidom Booster Seat is robust and therefore ideal for use with small children. Because let's face it, a booster seat like this is mostly used when your child is supposed to sit at the table with you. And when eating, something often goes wrong. What a relief that the booster seat is easy to wash and can even be put in the dishwasher!

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