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MyGate Modul based safety gate and room divider, extension 60 cm


  • the extension can only be used together with item 46701 MyGate door element
  • optimal, variable assembling possibilities according to the individual living requirements
  • easy assembly in just 3 steps with a clever plug-in-system
  • convenient wall mounting click-system for an easy temporary use
  • for openings from 78.5 cm onwards
  • height 75 cm
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Product number: 46760
MyGate Individual Safety Gate
MyGate Individual Safety Gate Extension 60 cm
Create a safe environment for your child
Create a safe environment for your child
As soon as little ones begin to crawl, they want to actively start exploring their environment. However, they are at precisely the age when they are not yet able to recognise or correctly assess dangers. This can often lead to minor, or sadly more serious accidents.
Within our own four walls there are countless areas which are potential sources of danger to little ones. Among these are, for example, the stairs, which in the worst case can lead to dangerous falls with serious consequences. However, stoves are also often a source of danger, which can cause burns and injuries to children.
For children to be able to enjoy the carefree discovery of the world around them, the right precautions need to be taken to child-proof their environment. The MyGate Safety Gate helps you to reliably protect children from sources of danger that cannot be secured with a classic door gate or stair gate.
The gate that fits anywhere
The gate that fits anywhere using the flexible and adjustable modular principle
The MyGate Safety Gate comprises 3 different components – a door element and 2 different extensions with lengths of 60cm and 20cm respectively (linking to the other 2 components).
Each element is separately available for use as an individual gate, thus avoiding the need to buy unnecessary extra parts. According to your home situation, each gate element can be used as often as required, and can be linked with each other in a wide range of configurations. This means that the safety gate can be individually adapted to suit any room’s requirements and offers reliable protection from virtually all sources of danger.
Child-proof locks
Child-proof locks double unlocking mechanism
To make sure that when the gate is locked, little explorers can’t possibly manage to unlock it, the safety gate has been equipped with a double unlocking system. In other words, two actions need to be performed simultaneously to unlock the safety gate. However, it can be quickly opened with one hand by adults. Simply pull the catch backwards, then lift the door element, and the gate is unlocked and openable.
Securely mountable
Securely mountable thanks to screw-fixed wall brackets
Especially when you want to block off the stairs, the gate must be secured extra-tightly in order to avoid it unintentionally becoming loose. To guarantee 100% protection, the gate is firmly fixed to the wall with the wall bracket included. The gate can still be dismantled quickly and easily, thanks to the “integrated click system”. Simply by clicking the gate out of the firmly screwed wall bracket, the gate can be removed from the wall without having to loosen the screws.
Simple to mount
Simple to mount thanks to ingenious modular system
The individual elements in MyGate can be securely linked together in just a couple of steps. Simply place the upper and lower connecting caps of the two elements to be connected into each other and insert the connecting rod. Next, align the individual elements in their desired positions and tighten the connecting rod into the built-in screw at the bottom – and that’s it.
Child-safe design
Child-safe design in line with European safety standards
The MyGate safety gate combines all the relevant safety aspects that are required for safety gates. At 75 cm high, and with no supports or crossbars that can be used as footholds, it is impossible for small children to climb over it. Its compact and rounded shaping prevents pinch-points across the entire gate surface, thus protecting little fingers from getting pinched, even in the hinge area. Furthermore, only pollutant-free, saliva-proof and sweat-proof materials have been used in its manufacture, which are classified as 100% safe for contact with children. The simple design, which allows for an error-free assembly and guarantees its safety in use, in accordance with the EN 1930:2011 standard.
Flexibly extendable
Flexibly extendable thanks to 60cm extension
To make areas such as fireplaces, wider halls and stairs safer, the individual elements of MyGate can be flexibly and individually combined with each other according to the modular principle. This allows you to secure your living space according to the situation and your needs. This extension element offers the ideal solution for larger areas in particular. At a length of 60 cm and using just a few parts wide hallways, staircases or fireplaces can be quickly and completely secured.
Safer in the dark
Safer in the dark Thanks to the NightSafe light rail
The NightSafe fluorescent light rail (included) can be attached to the bottom of the clamping frame. This will recharge itself automatically during daylight hours, and will begin to glow as darkness falls. This illuminates the lower rail and prevents any potential trip hazards in the dark.
Product details
Product details
  • the extension can only be used together with item 46701 MyGate door element
  • extension for long distances or to secure large areas
  • quick (dis)assembly with a clever plug-in-system, angle adjustment through 270° joints
  • convenient wall mounting click-system for an easy temporary use
  • suitable for children up to 24 months and only for inside household use

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