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LightReflex reflector set


  • increases visibility in the dark, during bad weather and in traffic
  • versatile use on stroller, buggies, walking bikes, backpacks, etc.
  • quick and easy to attach to various frames with velcro fasteners
  • bright signal colours with reflective printing • materials meet the requirements of EN 20471 for warning clothing
Product number: 53175
LightReflex Reflector set
Safety in the dark
Safety in the dark
In poor visibility, such as twilight, darkness, fog or rain, pedestrians are often only visible at the last moment. This is why walks with a pram or balance bike can quickly lead to life-threatening accidents on the road.
The set of 4 LightReflex reflectors makes you and your child more visible to other road users and so provides greater safety when you’re out and about.

More safety
More safety thanks to increased visibility
The LightReflex reflectors in illuminating signal colour make you and your baby easily visible to drivers, even in difficult visibility conditions, as the fluorescent yellow combined with reflective elements reflects back a large amount of the light which falls on it, thus maximising how visible you are to other road users. 
Easy to use thanks to the hook-and-loop fastening
Easy to use thanks to the hook-and-loop fastening dank Klettverschluss
The reflectors are particularly easy to use. Simply place the reflectors where you would like them to be and link the two sides of the hook-and-loop fastening together – that's it. This means they can be attached to various frames with round or oval tube types – up to a diameter of 3 cm. They can be completely removed after use without leaving any trace, and they can be reused again and again.
Safety for big and small
Safety for big and small for buggies, balance bikes, scooters and much more
Attachment using hook-and-loop provides a very wide range of applications. Use on a buggy protects both you and your precious little one equally. If your child has outgrown their pram, the reflectors are still a helpful aid. Subsequent use on your child’s scooter or balance bike will ensure safe rides for many years. 
Product details:
Product details:
  • increases safety in the dark, in bad weather or in road traffic
  • multiple applications on the pram, buggy, balance bike, backpack etc.
  • quick and easy to attach using hook-and-loop fastening
  • bright signal colour with reflective prints
  • dimensions: approx. 12 x 12 cm
  • suitable for diameters up to approx. 3 cm
  • material: polyester (washable by hand)
  • colour: fluorescent yellow with reflective prints
  • contents: 4 pieces

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