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HygieneCover protective cover for shopping trolleys


  • suitable for all common shopping trolleys
  • also suitable for high chairs
  • protects against germs, viruses and bacteria on surfaces
  • with integrated transport bag
  • easy to clean in the washing machine at 60°C
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Product number: 85031
HygieneCover Protective cover for shopping trolleys and high chairs
2in1 Hygienic protection for shopping trolleys and high chairs
2in1 Hygienic protection for shopping trolleys and high chairs
For your child, a trip to the supermarket may be an exciting adventure. As parents, we tend to worry about the germs our little one may be exposed to in the shopping trolley. Who knows who last used the trolley, and when it was last cleaned!
The seat cover protects you and your child from contact with contaminated surfaces and keeps your child's clothes clean at the same time. The hygiene you practise in your home, on the go – handy and convenient at the same time.
Reliably protects against bacteria and germs
Reliably protects against bacteria and germs with robust outer cover
The seat cover is made from high quality, anti-bacterial, waterproof polyester. It does not only reliably protect your child from dirt, but also from the germs found on the surfaces of shopping trolleys and high chairs.
Fits all shopping trolleys
Fits all shopping trolleys thanks to generous dimensions
The seat cover can be used on any shopping trolley Its generous dimensions ensure that both the seat and the sides as well as the trolley handle and the trolley lock and chain are completely covered. Slots on either side allow the hygiene cover to be adjusted to trolleys with additional handles.
Comfortable seating
Comfortable seating with cosy inner layer
The inner layer is made from 100% cotton and is comfortably soft. Spacious leg gaps allow you child to sit snugly without feeling restricted in movement. The seat cover quickly creates a personal comfort zone for your child.
Suitable as high chair cover
Suitable as high chair cover with dirt-resistant outer cover
It is rare to see a high chair in a restaurant that seems really clean. The seat cover offers a hygienic solution. Its spacious dimensions allow you to completely cover the chair and table. Any food spillage can simply be cleaned up with a damp cloth. The cover guarantees you a clean eating place at all times.
Simple handling
Simple handling with elastic band
The seat cover is simply removed from its integrated pouch and placed directly into the high chair. Elastic at the front and the back allows quick fitting and prevents any sliding.
Long-term hygienic use
Long-term hygienic use with easily cleaned materials
The dirt-resistant outer material enables quick and easy cleaning. Any stains can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, the cover may be washed in the washing machine at 60°C.
Space-saving storage
Space-saving storage with integrated pouch
A pouch with strap allows to you carry the seat cover conveniently in your handbag, in the car door or attached to your rucksack. Its compact size and light weight make it an indispensable companion for any outing and on travels.
Product details
Product details
  • seat cover for shopping trolleys and high chairs to protect against bacteria and germs on surfaces
  • outer material: 100% polyester / inner material 100% cotton
  • machine-washable (60°C)
  • dimensions: 76 x 55 x 43 cm
  • colour: grey
  • integrated carrying pouch

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