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Furniture anti-tip kit


  • unobtrusive installation on back of furniture
  • optional with adhesive or screw mounting
  • secure hold thanks to individually adjustable strap
  • mounting on plaster walls without screws or tools
Product number: 73020

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Furniture anti-tip kit
Furniture anti-tip kit easy assembly, secure hold and flexible use
Protects from injuries caused by tipping furniture
Protects from injuries caused by tipping furniture
Children explore their homes with increasing mobility and curiosity. The contents of cupboards are of particular interest for little ones. As they begin their first attempts at standing up and walking, they pull themselves up or climb on things such as furniture or shelves. A child's weight can cause furniture and any contents or objects on top of the furniture to tip over, injuring the child. By applying the anti-tip kit, you allow your child to go about discovering their surroundings safely.
Selectable type of installation:
Selectable type of installation: gluing or screwing
The tilt protection can be attached to a piece of furniture either by gluing or by screwing. The specially developed adhesive tape can be removed without leaving behind any residue.
If you opt to screw the tilt protection into place, the screws are attached to the rear face of the furniture so that no visible marks are caused.
Reliable hold
Reliable hold thanks to the adjustable strap
By simply pressing on the clamping closure, the strap of the tilt protection applied to your piece of furniture can be individually adjusted. Thus, a firm, precise and secure hold is ensured. Should the cupboard, chest-of-drawers or shelf need to be moved for cleaning, the strap can be easily removed.
Innovative fastening hook
Innovative fastening hook for screw-free & tool-free mounting on plaster walls
The self-drilling tip enables the innovative fastening hook to be easily attached to plaster walls through simple and effortless rotation. No tools are needed. Optionally, depending on the condition of the wall, the wall piece can be fastened securely using the screws provided. Thanks to the extensive assembly material, the furniture tilt protection is immediately ready for use.
Product details
Product details
  • protects against injuries due to tipping furniture
  • unobstrusive installation on back of furniture
  • adhesive or screw mounting
  • secure grip thanks to individually adjustable strap
  • mounting on plaster walls without screws or tools
  • colour: white
  • material: plastic
  • contents: 2 straps, incl. mounting material

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