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Eat’n Tidy silicone table set


  • slip-proof surface prevents the dinnerware from sliding
  • secure hold between the mat and the table
  • easy to clean, machine washable
Product number: 25021

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Eat‘n Tidy
Eat‘n Tidy Table set
Optimal protection for table and dishes
Optimal protection for table and dishes
As soon as your child has outgrown the high chair and sits at the dining table like the grown-ups, mealtimes become exciting again. Because during this time, children rarely sit quietly and not everything always goes according to plan. And the odd spill or two can't be avoided.
The Eat'n table set is your reliable helper when it comes to protecting the dining table from dirt and damage and prevents food, juices or hot drinks that have fallen off the plate from leaving permanent stains on the table.
Maximum protection
Maximum protection Ideal size for the dining table
With its dimensions of 41.5 x 30 cm, the placemat offers large-scale protection for your dining table. The mat not only makes it easier to clean the table after meals, but also protects it from discolouration caused by hot food, coloured juices, etc. thanks to the heat-resistant and water-repellent material. In addition, it prevents damage from scratches with the children's cutlery.
Secure grip
Secure grip thanks to a non-slip base
The placemat has a full-surface non-slip silicone base. This provides the mat with a secure hold on wood, glass and many other materials. The anti-slip coating also present on the surface also ensures that plates and cups remain reliably in place.
Safe and unthinkable
Safe and unthinkable thanks to food-safe silicone
Food falls on the pad and your little darling puts it back in his mouth? Don't worry, the pad is antibacterial and free of harmful substances such as BPA, PVC and phthalates. The food-safe, tasteless and odourless silicone can come into contact with the food without any health concerns and without affecting the natural aroma of the food.
Versatile use
Versatile use Can also be used as a play and painting mat
Thanks to its generous dimensions, the placemat is also ideal as a craft and painting mat. The non-stick surface reliably protects the table from residues from painting, gluing and kneading or scratches from scissors - at the same time, the non-slip material ensures that water cups, brushes and glue sticks remain safely on the table and prevents them from tipping over and rolling down.
Durable, robust and easy to clean
Durable, robust and easy to clean thanks to high-quality material
The non-stick coating makes cleaning extremely easy. Water-soluble residues can be wiped off easily, and for stubborn stains, the set can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. The robust silicone material easily withstands all demands and thus ensures long-lasting protection of surfaces.
Space-saving storage
Space-saving storage thanks to crease-resistant material
The Eat'n Tidy pad is extra flexible and can be folded or even rolled up into a narrow roll. This not only saves space and makes it easy to store in drawers, but also makes it ideal for travelling. When used again, it is smooth again, free of unsightly and annoying waves, edges or folds.
Product details
Product details
  • non-slip surface prevents the dishes from slipping away
  • secure hold of the mat on the table
  • versatile as a practical play and craft mat
  • extra-large, for maximum protection against soiling
  • easy and space-saving to store
  • easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • durable, robust material, water-repellent
  • Dimensions: approx. 41.5 x 30 cm

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