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4in1 Colour MaxTemp infrared clinical thermometer


  • Body temperature measurement in the ear or on the forehead
  • is also suited for measuring surface and room temperature
  • integrated baby mode
  • Simple to use at night thanks to an illuminated display
  • Optical temperature alarm and acoustic fever alarm

Product number: 98080
4in1 Colour MaxTemp
4in1 Colour MaxTemp Infrared clinical thermometer
Body temperature always at a glance
Body temperature always at a glance
Fever is not an illness, but a protective reaction of the body against infections. However, a high temperature can severely impair important bodily functions and is particularly stressful for the sensitive organism of small children.
With the 4in1 Colour MaxTemp ear and skin thermometer, you can quickly and easily check the temperature of your baby or child.
Extremely gentle fever measurement
Extremely gentle fever measurement painless and in 1 second
Taking a temperature rectally is usually uncomfortable for little ones. The 4in1 Colour MaxTemp offers you two quick and uncomplicated alternatives for a first temperature measurement: temperature measuring at the temple or in the ear. Thanks to the infrared technology, the temperature is taken quickly and painlessly within one second. This makes the measuring process as comfortable as possible for the child.
Temple measuring
Temple measuring contactless and hygienic
The most convenient method of measuring the temperature is the temple measurement. The temperature can be checked contact-free within one second using an infrared sensor. This is particularly hygienic and is especially recommended if the thermometer is used by several family members. However, as this measurement method is carried out on the skin, there may be slight fluctuations in the measurement results due to the environment.
Ear measuring
Ear measuring reliable and fast
When testing the temperature in the ear, the measurement is carried out directly on the eardrum. By measuring in the ear, the values are independent of external influences, which leads to very accurate readings. As the temperature is also determined within one second with this measurement method, the child does not have to remain still for long and is hardly disturbed.
Quick warning in case of fever
Quick warning in case of fever with fever alarm and baby mode
The 4in1 Colour MaxTemp is equipped with a three-stage visual fever alarm so that you can see at a glance whether your child has a high temperature or even a fever. At normal temperature, the display lights up in green. If the temperature rises, the thermometer shows an orange display. However, if the thermometer detects a fever in your child, you will be informed with an acoustic warning and a signal red display. For babies, different limits apply for normal temperature, elevated temperature and fever than for infants or adults. For this reason, the thermometer has been equipped with a special baby mode. If this is activated, the fever alarm is based on the age-specific limit values for children aged between 0 and 36 months.
Ideal for the night
Ideal for the night with illuminated display and switchable signal tone
In order to be able to continuously monitor the progression of the fever, night-time measurements cannot be avoided. However, as a good night's sleep is extremely important for a speedy recovery, you should not wake your child at night if possible. With the contactless measurement, the illuminated display, the visual fever alarm and the signal tone that can be switched off, the 4in1 ColourMax Temp offers optimum features for uncomplicated and trouble-free temperature checks at night.
Well informed
Well informed with temperature memory
In order to be able to easily check the development of the fever and the child's recovery, it is advisable to track the individual readings and compare them with each other. The thermometer performs this task for you thanks to the integrated measured value memory. The last measured value is always displayed automatically as soon as you switch it on. The last 25 measurement results are also logged in the measured value memory so that you can easily track the temperature development.
Universally applicable
Universally applicable for body, surface and room temperature
Even if your child is not ill, the thermometer proves to be a useful helper in everyday life. By switching to surface measurement mode, the 4in1 Colour MaxTemp can also be used to measure the room temperature. It can also be used to check whether baby food or tea is at the right serving temperature.
Product details
Product details
  • Body temperature measurement in the ear or on the forehead
  • Also suitable for surface and room temperature
  • Integrated baby mode
  • Measuring time: approx. 1 second
  • Measured value memory: 25 memory slots
  • Easy measurement at night thanks to illuminated display
  • Visual temperature alarm
  • Acoustic fever alarm
  • Switchable acoustic signal
  • Automatic switch-off function after approx. 15 seconds

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