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PureAir room air purifier


  • removes harmful agents known to be unhealthy, such as fine dust, VOCs, toluene, benzene
  • reliably removes allergens, such as dust, pollen, mould
  • eliminates viruses, germs and bacteria
  • maintenance-free and no filters
Product number: 94010
PureAir Room air purifier
 Improve your room air quality!
Improve your room air quality!
Nowadays, air quality is unfortunately not as good as we would like it to be for ourselves and our loved ones. The air is polluted with particles that are harmful to our health and usually pollution in buildings is even higher than outside. New furniture releases adhesives that circulate in the air and affect our health.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in room air can trigger allergies, headaches, damage to our immune systems and other illnesses (such as sick building syndrome). Bacteria and viruses also usually spread in the air.
The PureAir room air purifier removes this air pollution, improves air quality, neutralises unpleasant odours and effectively eliminates common allergy triggers. For clean, unpolluted room air.
Eliminates air pollution
Eliminates air pollution for a healthy indoor climate
The air we breathe contains allergens, bacteria, viruses and other particles. They move around in the room air along with other harmful substances, such as fine dust and pollen, and can cause different kinds of diseases. It is therefore necessary to purify the air we breathe and remove these harmful substances.
The PureAir room air purifier sucks the polluted air into its housing. Bacteria and germs in the air are killed and sterilised in its sealed inner chamber using UV light. Harmful substances and odours are then broken down in the inbuilt photocatalyst using active oxygen and neutralised through ionisation. The cleaned air is re-released into the room via the air outlet.
Reliable, maintenance-free purification
Reliable, maintenance-free purification no need for a filter
While other devices only filter out harmful substances from the air using HEPA filters, PureAir eliminates 98% of these in a 3-stage purification process and removes 99.9% of bacteria and germs. The UV light kills germs and pathogens effectively without using chemicals. The use of UV light is completely harmless to us. This method is also used in hospitals.
The second advantage of PureAir over other devices using HEPA filters is that it is absolutely maintenance-free. The harmless particles fall onto the floor and are removed by regular cleaning, e.g. by vacuum cleaning.
Simple and intuitive
Simple and intuitive thanks to its single button operation
The air purifier is especially easy to operate in just the touch of a button. The device can not only be switched on and off by repeatedly pressing the on/off button, but also the desired mode for purification time - either a timer function (1 hour of purification) or permanent mode - and the brightness level for the orientation light can be selected.
For more orientation in the dark
For more orientation in the dark including orientation light
The PureAir is also equipped with an orientation light. Its twilight sensor automatically turns on its warm white light for 5 minutes at the onset of darkness. The light on the air purifier is then reactivated every time its motion sensor detects movements within its detection range. The light’s brightness has 3 adjustment levels.
The clean accessory for the children's room
The clean accessory for the children's room air purifier with stickers
As our little ones should be especially protected against particles in the air we breath, which are harmful to our health, the PureAir is also ideal for children’s rooms. The air purifier’s design can be made pleasing to children thanks to the stickers provided. Children are also not disturbed by the noise of the activated device due to its low noise level (<50dbA).
Product details
Product details
  • removes allergens, viruses, germs and bacteria
  • eliminates harmful substances, such as fine dust and fumes
  • selectable timer function or continuous mode
  • maintenance-free and no filters
  • purifies 11m³ per hour
  • orientation light with motion and twilight sensor
  • 3 brightness levels
  • LED colour: warm white, 2800-3500K
  • noise level: ≤50 dBA (1m)
  • includes stickers for children

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