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2in1 Humidifier


  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • Cold nebuliser - no risk of scalding
  • for rooms up to 30 m²
  • 4 selectable steam levels
  • Switchable lighting with colour change
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Adjustable humidity level
  • switchable timer (1 / 2 / 4 / 8 hours)
  • LCD touch screen and remote control
Product number: 94060
2in1 Humidifier
2in1 Humidifier Humidifier with snooze light
For a healthy indoor climate in the children's room
For a healthy indoor climate in the children's room
A poor indoor climate can have various negative effects on health. For example, poor air quality or too low humidity can lead to respiratory diseases, headaches, skin problems or the spread of pathogens. That is why it is important to pay attention to an ideal combination of optimal room temperature and adequate humidity.
With the 2in1 Humidifier, you will effortlessly succeed in ensuring an ideal room climate at all times.

Ideal for children's room
Ideal for children's room Safe use through cold nebulization
The 2in1 Humidifier was designed to be suitable for rooms up to 30 m² in size. As a result, it effectively maintains humidity at an optimal level in most children's rooms while reducing the risk of mite, bacteria and mold growth. Thus, it guarantees the optimal playing and sleeping environment for your child. To prevent scalding from hot water or steam, the water is cold-misted using ultrasonic technology.
Optimal humidity
Optimal humidity 3 different steam levels
The 2in1 Humidifier can be individually adapted to the conditions at home. Thereby, the degree of humidification of the ambient air can be flexibly controlled by the 3 different steam levels. Not sure which steam level is best to use? Don't worry: by entering the desired humidity level, you can still ensure an optimal indoor climate. The humidifier will then measure the humidity at regular intervals and automatically adjust the steam level accordingly. 
Comfortable sleeping mood
Comfortable sleeping mood with switchable night light
The humidifier has an integrated night light that creates a cozy slumbering mood in the children's room, gently ushering in bedtime. The light gently alternates between different shades, from soothing blue to warm yellow, to gently accompany your child to sleep. The soft lighting gives the otherwise dark room a familiar atmosphere even at night and facilitates a quick return to sleep during periods of wakefulness.
Easy to use
Easy to use easy filling & long use without refilling
The humidifier is characterized by its particularly easy handling. Simply fill the tank with sufficient water, switch on and select the desired intensity level - done. The extra large opening ensures that filling the tank is particularly easy. The high filling volume of 5.5L allows continuous use for up to 24 hours - without refilling. The additional timer function automatically switches off the device after the desired duration of use (1/2/4/8h). 
Easy operation
Easy operation Large touch display and IR remote control
The individual functions and settings can be flexibly selected on the touch display or via the remote control. The large, intuitive icons enable error-free handling. The clear display shows you the selected settings at any time and informs you about the current room temperature and humidity.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • cold fogging - no danger of scalding
  • for rooms up to 30 m²
  • 3 selectable steam levels
  • Switchable lighting with color change
  • temperature and humidity display
  • adjustable desired humidity
  • switchable timer (1/2/4/8h)
  • LCD touch screen and remote control

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