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4in1 Air Purifier


  • Replaceable 2in1 HEPA 13 and active carbon filter
  • Replacement filter (art no. 94050) available from reer
  • 3-speed fan for air purification in rooms up to 10 m²
  • Soothing light projection with starry sky
  • 21 pre-installed lullabies and nature sounds
  • Orientation light
  • 3-level timer can be activated if desired (3h / 6h / 12h)
Product number: 94040
4in1 AirPurifier
4in1 AirPurifier Air purifier with star projection
Nothing but clean air
Nothing but clean air
Our indoor air is contaminated with pollutants and particulate matter, bacteria and viruses, dust, mites, allergens and more. While these quickly dissipate in fresh air, they build up indoors. This is especially hard on children and their developing immune systems.
With the 4in1 Air Purifier, you can rid the air in your home of harmful substances and keep it healthy and fresh.

Removes up to 99.95% of pollutants
Removes up to 99.95% of pollutants 2in1 Hepa13 and charcoal filter
To thoroughly and reliably clean indoor air, the air purifier has two filter systems – a HEPA13 filter and an activated carbon filter. While the HEPA13 filter removes the smallest particles such as viruses and bacteria, mould spores, dust mites, dust, allergens, particulate matter and other pollutants, the activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, odours and TVOC (emissions from paints, glues, furniture, solvents, etc.). Their interaction removes up to 99.95% of all pollutants from the air, maximising air quality
Shimmering illumination
Shimmering illumination Projection of a starry sky with changing colours
As well as providing clean air in the children’s room, the air purifier also encourages peaceful dreams as besides the filter function it also has a star projector. This projects a soothing star pattern on the ceiling and immerses children’s rooms in a magical atmosphere. Thanks to automatic colour changes, the starry sky gently changes colour from red to green and then blue.     
Soft sounds
Soft sounds thanks to the music feature
The air purifier has not only a night light, but also an extensive music function to make falling asleep even more pleasant. Your child has 20 different melodies to listen to. Choose from 10 different lullabies and 10 different nature sounds, which can be played in a continuous loop or one after the other. You can adjust the volume to suit your needs with 10 different volume levels.      
To help you find your way in the dark,
To help you find your way in the dark, there is an orientation light
It’s common for children to be scared of the dark. Night-time shadows and noises can easily seem threatening to a small person. The orientation light on the bottom of the air purifier creates a sleeping environment that’s free from fear and will help your child to fall asleep gently into an untroubled night. It gives enough light for your child to recognise the familiar features of the room and to allow you to check on your child, without compromising your child’s natural sleep patterns.    
Long-lasting air purification
Long-lasting air purification with an easy-to-replace filter
To maintain the high quality of the filter, we recommend changing the filter every 6 months or so. Simply remove the used filter from the unit and replace it with a new one. The appropriate replacement filter for the air purifier can be ordered directly from reer (2in1 HEPA13 and activated carbon replacement filter, item no.: 94050). To help you remember the next filter change, the air filter comes with a sticker on which you can note the date of the next filter replacement.        
Super-easy operation
Super-easy operation thanks to intuitive symbol buttons
The air purifier has easily understandable symbols to ensure intuitive operation. This makes the night light easy to use, especially for children. A simple touch of the right button allows you to independently choose from three levels of intensity for the ventilator, to turn the light and music functions on and off or adjust the volume.     
Product details:
Product details:
  • 3-level fan for air purification
  • replaceable 2in1 HEPA13 and activated charcoal filter
  • Soothing light projection with starry sky
  • 20 pre-installed lullabies and nature sounds
  • Orientation light
  • Optionally switchable 3-level timer can be activated (3h / 6h / 12h)
  • Contents: 1x air purifier, 1x 2in1 filter, 1x power cable, 1x change sticker

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