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Cutlery drawer safety lock, 2 pieces


  • locks drawers safe from children, prevents trapped fingers
  • ideal for low drawers, e.g. with cutlery trays
  • adhesive or screw mounting, extremely easy attachment thanks to mounting aid
Product number: 71090

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Cutlery drawer safety lock
Cutlery drawer safety lock for child-proof locking of drawers
Securely locks drawers from inquisitive children's hands
Securely locks drawers from inquisitive children's hands
Once children learn to crawl and walk, nothing is safe from them any longer. The contents of drawers are particularly exciting for young explorers, but often they are not without danger.
With our cutlery drawer safety lock, you can prevent your child gaining access to drawer contents that are not suitable for little hands, including sharp objects like knives and scissors or medicines.
Double the safety
Double the safety drawer safety lock that protects against trapped fingers
The safety lock prevents both the opening and the unintended closing of drawers. A drawer fitted with the lock can only be opened a small crack, until the bar engages in the lock position. In this position, the drawer cannot be opened or closed without an additional step. On the one hand, this prevents your child gaining access to the contents of the drawer. On the other hand, this lock position protects your child from trapping their fingers when attempting to close the drawer. The drawer can only be opened or closed completely when you unclasp the safety device.
Universal use
Universal use thanks to clever design
Its intelligent construction means the safety lock can be safely used with overhanging work surfaces (up to 20 mm overhang) and in drawers that are not very deep (e.g. due to integrated cutlery trays, minimum of 4 cm height necessary above tray). This enables it to offer maximum protection against all items in kitchen drawers.
Simple installation
Simple installation thanks to installation aid and adhesive/screw mounting
The drawer safety lock can be attached in a quick and uncomplicated fashion thanks to the installation aid provided. It shows you precisely where the lock should be attached and either glued or screwed in. This saves you having to measure and mark, and prevents annoying superfluous damage if you make a mistake.
Particularly child-safe and adult-friendly
Particularly child-safe and adult-friendly thanks to double opening mechanism
The two-fold locking mechanism of the drawer lock secures your drawers reliably against little explorers. For adults, though, it can be easily opened with one hand. You simply have to push the slider forwards and then press it down. This unclasps the safety device and allows you to open your cutlery drawer as normal.
Invisible thanks to installation in the drawer
The safety lock is mounted inside the drawer. This not only means the protective device is invisible from outside during use but also means no unsightly damage is left behind on visible door fronts after use.
Quality and safety
Quality and safety tested in accordance with strict criteria
For the protection of your loved ones, our products are subjected both to internal tests and also to examination by external institutions. The drawer protector was tested based on the current standard EN 16948:2017 (cupboard and drawer safety locks) and successfully passed all tests with respect to hold, durability and resistance. The child safety lock is robust and hard-wearing, i.e. it doesn’t splinter or break. Even after more than 5,000 openings, it remains stable and guarantees unrestricted use as at the start.
Product details
Product details
  • locks drawers safe from children, prevents trapped fingers
  • ideal for low drawers, e.g. with cutlery trays
  • tested according norm EN 16948:2017
  • adhesive or screw mounting possible
  • incl. fitting material and installation aid
  • contents: 2 pieces

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