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Self-adhesive anti-slip strip 5m


  • protects against falls and slips
  • universally applicable e.g. for stair steps, entrance areas, sloping or inclined planes, ladder rungs
  • especially high adhesive properties and good hold
  • simply cut and stick to the cleaned surface
  • allows easy gluing on almost all surfaces (not suitable for wet areas)
Product number: 80135

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Self-adhesive anti-slip tape
Self-adhesive anti-slip tape protects against falls and slips
Improve the safety of your living space
Improve the safety of your living space
Stairs, slopes and entrance areas in the home can quickly become a safety hazard for your child. Children can slip and fall easily when running or playing on slippery surfaces such as steps or slopes, which can lead to serious injuries.
You can use the self-adhesive anti-slip tape to provide protection on smooth surfaces and thereby provide your child with reliable protection from these hazards.

Adaptable to your living space
Adaptable to your living space for steps, entrance areas, etc.
The reer anti-slip tape can be flexibly and universally attached to a wide variety of locations in the home. The non-slip and abrasion-resistant material can be easily applied to suit your needs, for example in entrance areas, on slopes, ramps, ladder rungs or steps. The 5 m length means that it is possible to use a single roll of anti-slip tape to secure several steps.
Universal application
Universal application Easy to apply to almost all surfaces
Whether you have wood, parquet, laminate, tiles, natural stone or PVC - the anti-slip tape can be applied universally to various surfaces thanks to its strong adhesive properties.
Note: Not suitable for wet areas

Easy to use
Easy to use Quick application and strong hold
The particularly strong adhesion makes it particularly easy and safe to apply. Application takes only 4 steps:
1. Measure the area you want to secure.
2. Use scissors to cut the anti-slip tape to the desired length.
3. Remove the protective film.
4. Apply the anti-slip tape and press it on firmly – and that's it!
The hard-wearing material provides a reliable and long-lasting hold after application. The tape can be removed easily and without leaving residue at any time if required.

Product details
Product details
  • Universal for: stairs, entrance areas, slopes, landings or ladder rungs
  • Particularly strong adhesion and good hold
  • Can be easily applied to almost all surfaces (wood, parquet, laminate, tiles, PVC, natural stone).
  • Not suitable for wet areas
  • Length: 5 m, can be cut to size
  • Black

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