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MyBuddyGuard multifunctional scarf


  • Multifunktionsschal mit vielen Tragevarianten z.B. als Halstuch, Stirnband, Mütze
  • erhöht die Sichtbarkeit im Dunkeln, bei schlechtem Wetter oder im Straßenverkehr
  • Farbe: fluoreszierendes gelb mit reflektierender Bedruckung/li>
  • leichtes Material für einen angenehmen Tragekomfort/li>
  • Maße: 26 x 45 cm/li>
  • Material: Polyester/li>
Product number: 53235
MyBuddyGuard Multifunctional scarf
Safety in the dark
Safety in the dark
In twilight, darkness, fog and rain, pedestrians are often only visible at the last moment. That is why it is easy for small children in particular to be overlooked in road traffic when visibility is poor, which can result in life-threatening accidents on the road.
The MyBuddyGuard multifunctional scarf makes your child more visible to other road users and so provides greater safety when you’re out and about.

Increases visibility in the dark
Increases visibility in the dark Bright signal colour and reflective print
Not only does the multifunctional scarf make your child more visible thanks to its bright signal colour, but the reflective print increases visibility even further. The fluorescent design lights up in the incident light from headlights, greatly increasing visibility in the dark. 
Flexible use
Flexible use Different wearing options
The multifunctional scarf can be worn in a variety of different ways, be it as a scarf, hat, headband, armband or face mask. This makes it ideal for both summer and winter. It protects your neck from the wind in brisk or chilly temperatures, but can also be worn as a hat for protection from the elements and increased visibility.  
Comfortable to wear
Comfortable to wear Soft, stretchy material
The multifunctional scarf is made of fine, lightweight fabric that does not itch. Measuring 26 x 45 cm, it fits snugly around the neck without constricting. The stretchy fabric, however, still makes it easy to put on and take off.   
Ideal for on the go
Ideal for on the go Foldable to save space
When the scarf is not being worn, it can be folded to save space. This way, it can be taken along on any outing, as it is sure to fit in any handbag, backpack or even jacket pocket. 
Product details:
Product details:
  • increases visibility in the dark, in bad weather or in road traffic
  • quick and easy to put on
  • multifunctional scarf with many wearing options e.g. as a scarf, headband, cap
  • pleasant and comfortable to wear thanks to light-weight material
  • space-saving storage
  • Dimensions: 26 x 45 cm
  • Colour: fluorescent yellow with reflective printing
  • Material: polyester

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