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Digital pacifier fever thermometer


  • easy to use, giving accurate temperature measurements
  • measuring time: 90 sec.
  • orthodontic silicone teat
  • last measuring value is stored
  • certified according to EU directives
  • hygienic cover included
Product number: 9633

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BabyTemp Digital Soother Thermometer
Gentle way to measure body temperature
Gentle way to measure body temperature
As babies’ immune systems are still developing during their first year of life, they often catch infections during this time. Particularly in the very youngest children, infections are often directly accompanied by an increased temperature or fever. Not wanting to add to their ailing child’s stress by taking their temperature using conventional temperature-taking methods, many parents are looking for a gentle alternative. The soother thermometer allows you to measure fever levels without any stress, and at the same time has a calming effect on your poorly child.  
Child-friendly fever measurement
Child-friendly fever measurement Teat-shaped clinical thermometer
The soother thermometer allows you to check your child’s temperature without causing them any stress, because the measuring sensor built into the silicone teat measures the temperature in the child’s mouth while they are sucking the soother. Thanks to the soother’s shape, which is just like a normal teat, your little one won’t notice any difference and won’t even know they are having their temperature taken. Within 90 seconds, you will know whether or not your child has a fever. Safe and harmless use is ensured through bite-resistant materials and the absence of BPA, PVC, pthalates, mercury and glass.
Extremely easy to handle
Extremely easy to handle Memory function and power-off function
The soother thermometer not only guarantees stress-free use for your child, but also makes for comfortable handling by parents. The last temperature measurement taken is displayed when you turn it on, which means you can check the progress of your child’s fever straight away. All the time you are taking the temperature, the reading is shown on the simpple display. When the measurement is complete, a beep sounds and the final temperature value is automatically saved. As a final step the clinical thermometer powers off automatically.  
Hygienic storage and transport,
Hygienic storage and transport, thanks to protective cap
As soon as the temperature measurement is complete, the thermometer can be quickly and easily cleaned. The protective cap that comes with it ensures hygienic storage when not in use. Also ideal for on the go: The little soother thermometer is easy to pack in any changing bag or handbag, so you can check your child’s temperature anytime. The protective cap ensures that it stays clean and free from possible damage.
Product details
Product details
• Practical soother thermometer for gentle temperature taking via the mouth
• Precise measurement of body temperature (Measurement range: 32.0 - 42.9°C)
• Powers off automatically
• Memory function: The most recent measurement is automatically saved and is displayed the next time you switch the thermometer on
• Material: Plastic, silicone – free from harmful substances and plasticisers (BPA, PVC, phthalates)
• Colour: white

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