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reer nasal aspirator for baby, steam sterilisable, with storage box and 4 filters

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  • gently, safely and effectively removes nasal discharge
  • makes breathing, sleeping and eating easier
  • the extra-soft and flexible suction tips ensure safe application
  • simple application through suction on the mouthpiece
  • can be steam sterilised; can be disinfected in a steam steriliser or by boiling for approx. 5 min
  • incl. 4 hygiene filters
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Nasal aspirator
Nasal aspirator Removes nasal secretions safely and effectively
For gentle removal of nasal secretions
For gentle removal of nasal secretions
Newborns struggle with a blocked nose, especially in the first months of life. If breathing is difficult, this impairs the quality of sleep or the baby's eating behaviour, for example. But secondary diseases of the ears, sinuses or airways can also occur. However, since you cannot simply blow your baby's nose as you can with adults, you have to rely on special aids to remove secretions.
With the nasal aspirator from reer, you can easily and gently remove accumulated secretions from your baby's nose and make it easier for him to breathe, sleep and eat when he has cold symptoms.
Easy and gentle application
Easy and gentle application thanks to the manually operated mouthpiece
The nasal aspirator is a particularly gentle and noiseless alternative to electric devices, because it removes secretions simply, safely and effectively by gently sucking on the mouthpiece. The suction strength can be adjusted manually at any time to gently remove secretions from the baby's irritated nose. In addition, the soft and flexible suction tip protects the sensitive nose from injuries.
Hygienic cleaning
Hygienic cleaning thanks to easily dismantled individual parts
The nasal aspirator can be disassembled into its various components, which allows you to clean them thoroughly. Afterwards, the parts can also be disinfected by boiling or in the vaporiser.
The nasal aspirator also comes with 3 replacement hygiene filters that can be replaced and washed after each use. You can obtain further hygiene filters directly from us if required.
Guaranteed safe use
Guaranteed safe use Tested medical product
In order to guarantee the highest level of safety for your baby, the reer nasal teat is characterised by its tested medical quality. Only high-quality materials have been used - free from PVC, latex, phthalates or other dangerous softeners.
This means that your baby is protected from injuries and harmful substances with the reer nasal aspirator.
Hygienic storage
Hygienic storage thanks to portable transport box
The nasal aspirator is in a handy transport box for hygienic storage when not in use. The compact box can also quickly find its place in any diaper bag or handbag and thus ensures convenient transport - safely protected from dirt or damage. So you can clean your child's nose at any time, even when you're out and about.
Product details
Product details
  • Certified medical device: guarantees safe and effective use
  • gently removes nasal secretions and makes breathing, sleeping and eating easier
  • soft, flexible and small suction tip: safe and gentle application
  • Easy to use: removes nasal secretions by suction on the mouthpiece
  • Nasal aspirator can be completely dismantled into its individual parts, steam sterilisable
  • compact storage box, also ideal for travelling
  • free from PVC, phthalates and latex
  • Colour: white

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