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Basic Twin fix gate for gateway widths from 75 to 104.5 cm


  • with continuously adjustable gate width from 75 - 104.5 cm
  • combines the advantages of a door gate with those of a screw-mounted gate
  • 2 possibilities of installation: clamping or screwing
  • complete gateway width
  • can be opened in both directions
  • Active-Lock: threefold
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Product number: 46221
Basic Pressure- and Screw-Fit Safety Gate
Basic Pressure- and Screw-Fit Safety Gate offers reliable protection for doors and stairs
Protects against dangerous accidents in your own home
Protects against dangerous accidents in your own home
As soon as children begin to crawl, they want to start exploring their environment. At this age, however, children are not yet able to recognise and correctly assess dangers. This can, unfortunately, often lead to minor but also more serious accidents. For children to be able to enjoy the carefree discovery of the world around them, the right precautions need to be taken to child-proof their environment. A pressure- and screw-fit safety gate not only helps you to reliably safeguard stairs and so prevent dangerous falls; it also means that young children cannot access rooms in which potential sources of danger lurk (e.g. sharp items, medicines, cleaning products, fireplaces, etc.). For a protected environment for your child.
Barrier-free and full width
Barrier-free and full width when used as a screw-fit safety gate
The Basic Safety Gate combines all the advantages of screw- and pressure-fit gates. Unlike pressure-fit gates, this gate has no frame. This makes it ideal for use as a stair gate, screwed to the wall. Barrier-free passage is enabled thanks to the elimination of the rail at the bottom. This means that there is no extra level to trip over, making the gate particularly well suited for safeguarding the top of stairways. What’s more, the full width is retained, as no bars are required at the side for pressure-fitting in position, which would make the passage narrower. 
Quick installation without drilling and screwing
Quick installation without drilling and screwing when used as a pressure-fit safety gate
When the Basic Safety Gate is used as a pressure-fit gate for securing doors and passageways, it stands out thanks to its rapid, damage-free installation. The gate can simply be pressure-fitted in the door frame without the use of any tools – done. This enables it to be fitted without damaging any door surrounds with unsightly drilled holes – ideal for rental properties. Please note that, when used as a pressure-fit gate, the entire gate is removed from the frame when opening.
Childproof safety gate lock
Childproof safety gate lock 3-part unlocking system
To prevent little explorers from unlocking a locked gate, the safety gate has been equipped with the active-lock system – a triple opening mechanism. In other words, three actions need to be performed simultaneously to unlock the safety gate. However, it can be quickly opened with one hand by adults. Simply press the button, release the latch and lift the gate, and the stair gate unlocks.
Many possible applications
Many possible applications thanks to flexible installation and infinitely variable width adjustment
The safety gate can be screwed firmly to the wall or pressure-fitted in place. When screwed firmly to the wall, it is particularly suitable for protection at the top and bottom of staircases, as a secure hold is especially important in these areas. With its infinitely adjustable width of 75-104.5 cm, the gate can also be installed in many different places with a wide range of widths without the need for additional extensions – making it ideal for sealing off wide passageways, for example. 
Customised alignment
Customised alignment thanks to 4-point adjustment
The variable 4-point adjustment means that the gate can be attached easily and securely, even on uneven walls or skirting boards. Each of the four attachment points can be adjusted separately and completely independently of the other three brackets. This ensures safe and reliable installation even on sloped walls.
Child-safe design
Child-safe design in line with European safety standards
The Basic Pressure- and Screw-Fit Safety Gate combines all the relevant safety aspects that are required for safety gates. At 76 cm high, and with no crossbars that can be used as footholds, it is extremely difficult for small children to climb over it. Its compact and rounded shaping prevents pinch-points across the entire gate surface, thus protecting little fingers from getting pinched, even in the hinge area. Furthermore, only pollutant-free, saliva-proof and sweat-proof materials have been used in its manufacture, which are classified as 100% safe for contact with children. The simple design, which allows for error-free assembly, guarantees safety in use in accordance with the EN 1930:2011 standard.
Swings open in both directions
Swings open in both directions thanks to the double-action hinge
Thanks to the fixed screw connection using a double-action hinge, the gate can be swung open in both directions. This means that the gate can always be conveniently opened in the direction of travel. However, when using at the top of stairways, we strongly recommend that the gate always swings away from the stairs to minimise danger. For safe use on stairs, a directional stopper with which the gate can only be opened in one direction is included. 
Product details
Product details
  • 2 possibilities of installation: clamping or screwing, adjustable gate width (75 to 104,5 cm)
  • barrier-free: especially suitable for the upper safeguarding of stairs
  • can be opened in both directions and provides complete gateway width
  • Active-Lock threefold closure system, to be opened and closed manually
  • poplar (origin New Zealand) certified forestry, single varnished
  • suitable for children up to 24 months and only for inside household use


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