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Basic Pressure-mounted gate for gateway widths from 75 - 81 cm


  • with installation indicator
  • installation without drilling and screwing
  • suitable for gateway widths from 75 - 81 cm
  • with max 2 extensions expandable up to 95 cm
  • can be opened in both directions
  • the gate must be opened and closed manually
Product number: 46730
Basic Pressure-Fit Safety Gate
Basic Pressure-Fit Safety Gate secures doors reliably
Protects against dangerous accidents in your own home
Protects against dangerous accidents in your own home
As soon as children begin to crawl, they want to start exploring their environment. At this age, however, children are not yet able to recognise and correctly assess dangers. This can, unfortunately, often lead to minor, but also more serious, accidents. For children to be able to enjoy the carefree discovery of the world around them, the right precautions need to be taken to child-proof their environment. A pressure-fit gate helps you to make rooms inaccessible in which there are potential sources of danger for your child (e.g. sharp objects, medications, cleaning products, fireplaces, etc.) and to create a protected environment for your little one.
Fast and secure installation without drilling or screwing
Fast and secure installation without drilling or screwing thanks to a clamping frame with an installation indicator
The Basic Pressure-Fit Safety Gate stands out in particular thanks to its quick and damage-free installation. The gate can simply be pressure-fitted in the door frame without the use of any tools – done. This enables it to be fitted without damaging any door surrounds with unsightly drilled holes – ideal for rental properties. At all times, the integrated installation indicator shows you whether the gate is properly mounted or whether the adjustment of the clamping screws is required.
Flexibly extendable
Flexibly extendable Built-in easy adjustability, or with custom extensions for even more
The gate itself can be adjusted from 75 – 81 cm with ease and so fits perfectly in standard door frames. However the pressure-fit gate can also be used for wider doors and passageways without any problems. By connecting it to one or more reer Door Gate Extensions (max. 2), it can be widened flexibly to up to 95 cm. Fitting remains easy, even with the extra parts.
Childproof safety gate lock
Childproof safety gate lock Thanks to a double locking system with CloseControl
Um für eine sichere Verriegelung zu sorgen, die für kleine Entdecker unüberwindbar ist, wurde das Absperrgitter mit dem Double-Lock Verschluss-System – mit einem doppelten Öffnungsmechanismus - ausgestattet. Das bedeutet, das 2 Aktionen gleichzeitig ausgeführt werden müssen, um die Gittertür zu entsperren. Dennoch ist es für Erwachsene schnell und mit nur einer Hand zu öffnen. Nach dem Hindurchgehen wird das Türelement manuell wieder verriegelt. Der integrierte Farbindikator zeigt über die farbige Schließzunge an, ob das Gitter korrekt geschlossen ist.
Swings open to either side
Swings open to either side thanks to the clamping frame
The gate has a fixed clamping frame, which ensures stability and secure protection thanks to attachment to the door frame. Within this clamping frame, the can door be opened flexibly; i.e. in both directions. However, if you prefer the gate to open in one direction only, the direction of opening can be restricted using the enclosed directional stopper. 
Customised alignment
Customised alignment thanks to four-point adjustment
The variable four-point adjustment means that the gate can be attached easily and securely, even on uneven walls or skirting boards. Each of the four attachment points can be adjusted separately and completely independently of the other three brackets. This ensures safe and reliable installation even on sloping walls.
Child-safe design
Child-safe design in line with European safety standards
The Basic Pressure-Fit Safety Gate combines all the relevant safety aspects that are required for safety gates. At 77.5 cm high, and with no crossbars that can be used as footholds, it is extremely difficult for small children to climb over it. Its compact and rounded shaping prevents pinch-points across the entire gate surface, thus protecting little fingers from getting pinched, even in the hinge area. Furthermore, only pollutant-free, saliva-proof and sweat-proof materials have been used in its manufacture, which are classified as 100% safe for contact with children. The simple design, which allows for error-free assembly, guarantees safety in use, in accordance with the EN 1930:2011 standard.
Product details
Product details
  • quick and easy pressure mounting: installation without drilling and screwing
  • flexibly adaptable gate width from 75 to 81 cm, with max. 2 extensions up to 95 cm
  • Double-Lock closure system, to be opened and closed manually
  • colour indicators confirm the correct installation and secure locking of the door
  • gateway width of 55 cm and can be opened in both directions
  • suitable for children up to 24 months and only for inside household use

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Question : Kann man für dieses Modell eine Verlängerung kaufen?
From : customer

Ja, mit dem Artikel 46901 kann man dieses Modell jeweils links und rechts um 7 cm verlängern. https://www.reer.de/Verlaengerung-7cm-fuer-reer-Klemmgitter-weiss

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