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MagicSpoon baby spoon with temperature indication


  • Warns of too hot food by discolouration
  • narrow spoon shape, ideal for the small baby mouth
  • with extra long handle - also suitable for deep glasses
Product number: 23012

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MagicSpoon Baby spoon with temperature indicator
Porridge eating - easy and safe
Porridge eating - easy and safe
Most babies no longer feed on breast milk alone from the age of 5 or 6 months and their interest in solid food starts to rise. This is the right time for baby’s first mash. As always, however, things are not that simple; baby must first learn to eat food from a spoon. As the spoon is strange to the baby, the little one will initially bite on it or even suck on it, which is why experts advise the use of special baby spoons.
The MagicSpoon is a spoon specially designed for babies and supports you in feeding those first bowls of mash. Thanks to the temperature indicator, the spoon also ensures that the mash is not too hot.
Ideal for baby’s small mouth
Ideal for baby’s small mouth thanks to the narrow, shallow spoon shape
The MagicSpoon has a particularly child-friendly spoon shape. The bowl of the spoon is narrow and fits in even the smallest baby's mouth. The spoon is also shallow, making it easy to place in the mouth, but is large enough to hold just the right-sized mouthful of food. Since babies' and children's palates, gums, and lips are still very sensitive, it is especially important that your child cannot be hurt by the spoon whilst eating. Thanks to the rounded edges, the safety spoon protects your baby's sensitive mouth from injury.
Warns if the food is too hot
Warns if the food is too hot thanks to temperature indicator
Often, food that seems pleasantly warm for you will be too hot for your baby, as babies are more sensitive to heat than adults. This is especially true for mash and baby’s bottle.
So, the temperature indicator within the MagicSpoon will change the colour of the spoon if the food is still too hot for your baby. This means you can be sure that your child will not burn his mouth or throat on the mash.
Easy feeding
Easy feeding thanks to the ergonomic, extra long spoon handle
The MagicSpoon baby spoon has an extra long handle. This makes it easy for you to feed from deep jars and also facilitates your child’s first independent attempts at eating. Your child will quickly start to want to eat independently and will reach for the spoon. The long handle offers enough space for both your and your baby’s hands, which allows you to support your child’s first attempts at feeding him/herself.
Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handle, the spoon always fits comfortably in the hand.
Quality and safety
Quality and safety tested according to strict testing standards
To offer babies and toddlers maximum protection, reer products are controlled in accordance with strict testing standards. The item not only goes through in-house tests, but is also tested by independent institutions. The safety spoon has been tested according to the EN 14372 standard. This standard specifies safety requirements for materials, construction, design, packaging, and adhesive labels for children's cutlery and crockery. Only baby spoons that have been tested according to this standard guarantee safe and harmless use.
Our baby spoon is made of food-safe plastic, is BPA-free, and contains no small parts that could be swallowed. It is dishwasher-safe so it can be kept hygienically clean for a long time.
Product details
Product details
  • Age recommendation: From 6 months
  • baby spoon with temperature indication
  • changes colour if the food is too hot
  • with an extra-long handle – also suitable for deep cups
  • a narrow spoon, ideal for baby’s mouth
  • high quality, food-grade plastic
  • dishwasher safe
  • complies with the EN 14372 safety standard
  • colour: varied
  • contents: 3 pieces
  • Please read the warnings and instructions for use on the packaging.

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