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Light&Go Duo stroller light set of 2


  • increases visibility when it is dark
  • flexible clamp attachment enables use on stroller or walking bikes
  • 3 adjustable light modes: continuous light, fast and slow flashing
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Product number: 53151
Light&Go Duo
Light&Go Duo Pushchair light set of 2
Safely through the dark
Safely through the dark
In poor visibility conditions such as twilight, darkness, fog or rain, pedestrians can often only be seen very late. That's why walks with a pram or pushbike can quickly lead to life-threatening accidents in road traffic.
The Light & Go pram light set of 2 makes you and your child more visible to other road users and thus ensures more safety on the road.
Maximum safety
Maximum safety through improved visibility
The Light & Go Duo pram light in a set of 2 makes you and your child quickly visible from a safe distance even in poor lighting conditions. The powerful LED lights provide an eye-catching but not blinding brightness - not only your own visibility is significantly better, but also your surroundings are optimally illuminated for more orientation in the dark.
Maximum recognisability
Maximum recognisability Combination of front and rear light
The set consists of two lights: a white front light and a red rear light. The front light makes you visible to oncoming road users, while the red light makes you easily recognisable from behind. The red warning light makes road users behind you aware of you and thus ensures more safety.
Safety for big & small
Safety for big & small for prams, pushchairs, scooters and much more.
The flexible fastening system enables a wide range of applications. When used on the pram, it protects you and your darling equally. When your child has outgrown the pram, the light set remains a practical helper. By using it on your child's scooter or running bike, it will ensure safe riding experiences for many years to come.
Simple and non-slip attachment
Simple and non-slip attachment thanks to flexible tensioning attachment
The practical tensioning attachment allows the respective light to be conveniently attached in seconds without additional tools. The elastic silicone strap can be attached to both round and oval tubes with diameters of up to 11 cm. After positioning in the desired place, the hook is simply clicked into the corresponding opening of the silicone band. When not in use, it can be removed just as quickly to protect against theft.

Reliable hold and functionality
Reliable hold and functionality thanks to high-quality materials
The non-slip silicone strap provides a permanently reliable hold in the desired position. The silicone coating as well as the robust housing make the LED lights a faithful companion in wind and weather - they protect the technology from dust and moisture and thus ensure reliable use.
Easy handling
Easy handling thanks to one-button operation
The complete operation of the respective light can be controlled with only one button. Pressing it several times switches the light on or off and selects the desired light mode - continuous light, fast or slow flashing light. This means that the light can also be easily operated by your child, e.g. on the way to school in the morning.
Permanent light
Permanent light thanks to battery operation
The battery operation ensures continuous operation of the LED lights. Unlike bicycle lights, which are usually powered by a dynamo, our pram LED light set guarantees continuous operation. This means that you and your child are protected from danger even when the wheels come to a standstill - for example at traffic lights or junctions.
Product details
Product details
  • increases visibility in darkness and poor visibility
  • Tensioning attachment, mounting without tools
  • One-button operation
  • 3 light modes adjustable: steady light, fast flashing and slow flashing
  • Robust silicone housing (IP:44)
  • Dimensions: approx. Ø 3 cm x 1.8 cm/ max. tube circumference: approx. 11 cm
  • Material: plastic, silicone
  • Contents: 1x light white / 1 x light red, 2 x CR2032 batteries included

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