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  • soft foam cushions impact safely and gently
  • special surface structure: bite-proof and easy to clean can be cut to length individually
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Edge protector soft
Edge protector soft Bite-proof protection on edges
Caution: danger of impact!
Caution: danger of impact!
When your child becomes mobile, takes its first steps and starts to pull itself up on furniture, some sharp edges pose a risk of injury for your little darling.
With the soft edge protector from reer, you can protect the sharp edges of table tops and furniture, as well as window ledges, and thus prevent injuries.

Particularly safe
Particularly safe thanks to extra soft foam
The edge protector is made of soft, shock-absorbing foam. This special padding and the additionally reinforced impact edge cushion the impact particularly gently and effectively. This reliably protects your child from painful injuries.
Durable and safe
Durable and safe High-quality and hard-wearing material
The special surface structure makes the edge protector particularly hard-wearing and durable. The material is scratch and bite resistant, unlike many products made of simple foam. This means that the protection lasts for a long time and your child cannot choke or even suffocate on pieces that have been bitten out. The material, which has been tested for harmful substances and is saliva and sweat-proof, is completely harmless when licked. Slight contamination can be wiped off quickly and easily.
Easy (dis)assembly
Easy (dis)assembly Freely adaptable to size
The edge protector can be installed in just a few steps. In order to ensure a perfect fit, both the edge protector and the adhesive tape can be cut to the exact length required before installation (content: 2x 1m). Then just clean the edge, attach the adhesive tape to the piece of furniture, place the edge protector on top and press on firmly for a minute - that's all. If the edge protector is no longer needed, it can be removed without leaving any residue or damage to the piece of furniture.
Secure hold
Secure hold thanks to the enclosed 3M adhesive tape
The enclosed adhesive tape makes installation quick and easy. The high-performance, double-sided 3M PowerTape gives the edge protector an extra strong hold and prevents unwanted removal. When the edge protector is no longer needed, it can be removed without leaving any residue or damage to the furniture.
Versatile use
Versatile use for tables, cupboards, window sills etc.
To protect your child from dangerous impacts throughout the household, the edge protector can be attached to tables, cupboards, chests of drawers, window sills etc.. Even round tables can be comfortably protected. For all-round protection, the edge protector can be mounted on the top as well as on the bottom.
For even more safety
For even more safety Can be used in combination with edge protectors
To match the edge protector, reer also offers the corner protector soft (art. no.: 82030). The products can be used perfectly in combination. This way your children are not only reliably protected from dangerous edges but also from sharp corners during their explorations.
Product details
Product details
  • protects against injuries on sharp edges
  • bite-resistant, sweat- and saliva-proof
  • extra soft foam gently cushions the impact
  • easy to fit and provides reliable support
  • can be cut to size individually
  • versatile use: cupboards, tables, window sills etc.
  • free of BPA and phthalates
  • colour: white
  • material: foam
  • Content: 2x 1m

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