WinLock window and balcony door lock, white

Item details:

  • protects children from life-threatening falls
  • easy installation and residue-free removal
  • no drilling, screwing or gluing
  • easy for adults to open and close
  • contents: 1 pc
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Age recommendation: 8 - 24 months

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Window and balcony door locking device


Protects children from dangerous window falls

In Germany, almost 50 children fall from windows or balconies every year and suffer serious or fatal injuries. Often just a few moments are enough: the horn of a car, chirping birds, or the sound of children playing directs the child's attention outside. If little ones are then left unobserved for a short moment, they climb onto the windowsill, open the window, and in the worst case lose their balance. The affected children are usually between 1 and 3 years old. With the new reer "WinLock" window safety device, children don't even run the risk of opening a window on their own. It is neither screwed nor glued, but fixed between handle and frame in a few simple steps.


tested child-safewith SLG certification

Two independent movements prevent children from opening the lock: by pressing the locking knob and simultaneously turning the window handle, the safety device can be unlocked. The window locking device has been awarded the "tested child-safe" test mark by the SLG testing and certification institute.


Simple (dis)assemblyPractical plug-in system, without drilling or gluing

The window and balcony door locking device is not only easy to operate, it is also easy to install - without any drilling or gluing. It can be inserted between the handle and the frame of the window or balcony door in a few easy steps and removed if necessary without leaving any residue.


Practical to useEasy to open and close for adults

Operating the SLG-tested reer window locking device is very easy for adults. First the side slider is pushed in as far as it will go. Now the handle can be moved and the slider released. When the desired position is reached, it locks itself automatically.


Can be integrated unobtrusively into every living environment

Thanks to its compact size and slim design, the window locking device blends inconspicuously and harmoniously into your living area.


Product details:

  • protects children from life-threatening falls
  • easy installation and residue-free removal
  • no drilling, screwing or gluing
  • also usable as balcony door lock
  • child-safe locking mechanism locks windows and balcony doors whilst closed or tilted
  • easy for adults to open and close
  • also available in anthracite and as an economy pack (white 3 pc.)
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item number 70010
EAN code 4013283700105
age 8 - 24 months
material plastic, hardened stainless steel
colour white
contents 1 pieces
packaging size 10.0 cm x 1.8 cm x 12.0 cm (W x D x H)
notes Observe the enclosed operating and safety instructions!

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