TurboFood Bottle Warmer

Item details:

  • Quick Warming in only 90 seconds
  • for all common baby food bottles
  • incl. measuring cup
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Age recommendation: 0+ months

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For fast, careful and even heating

When your little one is hungry, things often have to move quickly. However, vitamins and proteins are particularly sensitive to heat and can be broken down if, for example, ready-to-drink formula is stirred into too hot water or overheated. This breaks down important components in the food that your child then lacks. You should therefore make sure that you heat baby food very gently during preparation. The TurboFood baby food warmer not only lets you heat food quickly and easily, it also ensures even and gentle heating.


Fast and effective heatingusing steam

The TurboFood baby food warmer heats baby food gently and evenly using steam. The provided steam ring ensures that the hot steam surrounds the baby bottle and heats it evenly. This ensures that the food is heated quickly and effectively and allows it to be prepared within 90 seconds*.


Flexible baby food heatingfor all common baby bottles and jars

The TurboFood is ideal for all food containers with a diameter of up to 70 mm. This makes it suitable not only for all common baby food jars, but also for use with all standard and wide neck bottles.


Simple-to-useindicator light and automatic switch-off

Handling the baby food warmer is particularly easy. You just turn it on with the push of a button and it’s ready to go. Once the baby food warmer is switched on, there is not much left for you to do. The TurboFood recognises when the food has reached the correct temperature and then switches itself off automatically. The indicator light tells you whether the TurboFood is still heating the food or whether it has completed heating.


Comfortable and safethanks to the bottle basket

The milk bottles and baby food jars are heated in the TurboFood in a special bottle basket. This has several advantages: it ensures more even distribution of heat, prevents overheating of the bottles and jars on the contact surface with the device and, last but not least, makes removing the heated bottle from the baby food warmer very easy.


Incl. small measuring cupto fill the exact quantity of water required

For easy filling, the baby food warmer comes with a measuring cup with a practical spout opening. Thanks to the integrated measuring scale, you can accurately measure the required amount of water. The amount of water required always depends on the amount of baby food to be heated and the food container (glass or plastic). How much water you need for which bottle can be seen in the instructions for use.


Product details

  • rapidly heats baby food with steam in just 90 seconds*
  • gentle and even heating
  • for all common baby food jars, standard and wide neck bottles (max. diameter 70 mm)
  • fast and effective heating
  • practical measuring cup to fill the exact amount of water desired
  • easy handling: optical control light during the heating phase – switches off automatically when finished
  • practical basket: for easy removal of the bottles or jars
  • colour: white / anthracite
  • Are you looking for a baby food warmer with integrated bowl for warming up homemade baby food? Then our FoodBall is just right for you.
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*Heating 120 ml liquid from room temperature to drinking temperature (240 ml bottle)

item number 33040
EAN code 4013283330401
age 0+ months
material plastic
colour white / grey
contents 1 bottle warmer, 1 steam ring, 1 basket insert
packaging size 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 19.4 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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