TravelKid Sun car sunshade

Item details:

  • reliable protection against direct sunlight
  • protects against harmful UV rays (UPF: 50+)
  • simple to mount and holds firm thanks to self-adhesive film
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Age recommendation: 0+

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Donates protective shade

Children are often exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight, especially during long car journeys and holiday trips. This is not only very unpleasant, it can also lead to overheating, sunburn, or sunstroke.
The TravelKid Sun car sun protection set, consisting of 2 sun shades and a matching storage bag, reliably protects your child from harmful sunlight in the car.


Reliable protection against harmful solar radiationthanks to UV 50+ protection

The TravelKid Sun provides your child with pleasant shade in the car and prevents the interior of the car from heating up. The high-quality fabric has a sun protection factor of 50+ and offers full protection against penetrating sun rays. The sun protection also repels dangerous UV radiation, which leads to sunburn. The TravelKid Sun thus also protects your child from sunburn.


Suitable for most car windows thanks to optimum fit

Whether you drive a van, SUV, station wagon, or limousine, or your car has 3 or 5 doors, the TravelKid Sun, with its size of 51 cm x 34 cm, is suitable for most cars. Thanks to its size, it always covers a large part of the window pane and thus provides your child with sufficient shade.


Easy application and firm hold thanks to self-adhesive film

The film coated surface of the sun shade is self-adhesive as a result of electrostatic charge and adheres to the window pane without the need for suction cups. This allows you to install our sun protection very quickly: Simply clean the window of dirt and residues and press the film side of the sun shade against the window. Finished! Any bubbles can be pushed out afterwards. No residue remains on the window pane after removing the sun shade! Even after frequent application, the film does not lose its firm hold.


Outward visibility is retainedthanks to translucent fabric

When selecting the materials, great importance was also attached to your safety so that good visibility can be maintained even with sun protection. This way you can also see through the rear side window when doing a shoulder check. Yet the dark fabric prevents your child from being blinded by the sun's rays while looking out. The child-friendly design "Bon voyage - my journey around the world" is ideal for both girls and boys and will make your car trips more entertaining.


Compact and space-saving for stowing awayincluding storage bag

The sun shade can be folded quickly and easily when you don't need it on a cloudy day. This is done in three simple steps: Twist one side 180° to form two circular ends. The two circles are then pushed into each other and then into the storage bag, which prevents them from opening again. The space-saving storage in the transport bag and the lightning-fast application also make the sun shade your ideal companion on journeys by bus, train, or rental car.


Product details

  • reliably protects against direct sunlight and harmful UV rays (UPF: 50+)
  • optimal fit, suitable for most car windows
  • easy application and firm hold, thanks to self-adhesive film
  • -free removal and reapplication, without suction cups
  • dimensions: approx. 51 x 34 cm
  • contents: 2 x car sunshade incl. handy storage bag
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item number 86112
EAN code 4013283861127
age 0+
material polyester, polyvinyl chloride
colour black with motive
contents 2x sunshade, storage bag
packaging size 20,5 cm x 4 cm x 18 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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