TravelKid Play travel tray

Item details:

  • games and fun on trips: a stable base for drawing and playing 
  • ideal for long car trips and holiday travel 
  • practical pockets for storage, e.g. for pens 
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Age recommendation: 0+ years

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Fun and games on the go

Long car journeys can sometimes be really stressful for parents and children. Sitting still for a long time and the monotony of the landscapes rolling by mean that your children quickly get bored. They do not want to sit still any longer, but instead want to be kept occupied - ideally by playing games or drawing.
The TravelKid Play drawing and game pad enables your child to draw and play easily even on the go, thereby making boring car journeys fun.
The travel tray pad is just one of the items in our new TravelKid range. These products ensure safety and order in the car and make journeys with children easier.


Ideal on the goa stable base for drawing and playing

Even during long car journeys, e.g. en route to holidays, children love creative activities. The TravelKid Play is a robust knee tray, which is not only ideal for use as a base for drawing, but also as a surface for games and all other activities for which a table is required. At the same time, elastic fastening bands on its corners provide a firm grip for the drawing pad or the game board and prevent slipping.
Thanks to its dirt- and water-repellent material, the pad is easy to clean. This means that it is also not a problem if your child spills their drink from time to time.


Practical pocketsfor safe storage

The drawing pad has 2 large pockets on both of its side wings. These provide practical storage space for games or paper and pens. Thanks to the zip fastenings on its pockets, everything stays securely in place. You can therefore relax and concentrate on driving, safe in the knowledge that your child has everything they need to play, ready to hand at any time. This makes car journeys fun for all the family.


Practical carry-alongAlso for bus, train or plane journeys

Even when travelling with your child, not in the car, but on another form of transport, such as a bus, train or plane, they do not have to go without their TravelKid Play. The side sections can be closed in the middle with a buckle, thereby protecting the paper from falling out or getting dirty. Games with small pieces and pens are safely stored in the side pockets. Thanks to its handle, the pad can be comfortably carried by hand.


TravelKidTidiness, safety and entertainment in the car

The new TravelKid range from reer includes various car accessories. The purpose of all the products is to make car journeys as pleasant as possible for your child and to protect your car against damage and dirt. In addition tot he travel tray, the range also includes protective pads, back seat organizers and an organizer box.
reer has placed great importance on quality and high-grade machining in their selection of materials. All products in the TravelKid range are produced from a water- and dirt-repellent material that is easy to clean.


Product details

  • stable base for drawing and playing - games and fun during trips
  • ideal for long car trips and holiday travel
  • practical pockets for storage, e.g. for pens
  • easy to clean thanks to it water- and dirt-repellent material
  • large drawing surface: 24 x 36 cm
  • ideal for use with the TravelKid range: the TravelKid car organizer box for even more storage space or the TravelKid Entertain back seat organizer for protecting your car’s back seats
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item number 86091
EAN code 4013283860915
age No
material polyester
colour grey melange
contents 1 travel tray
packaging size 34,5 cm x 29,5 cm x 2 cm
notes No

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