Teething Mitten

Item details:

  • reduces teething pains by way of counterpressure and distraction
  • protects baby's hands against saliva and chewing
  • integrated crackle foil
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For pain-free teething

Teething spells are not easy for babies. As soon as the first little teeth put in an appearance, swollen gums are placed under pressure, bringing little ones unpleasant pain and agitation.
The teething mitt from reer enables your baby to alleviate their pain and provides a distraction, allowing you to make teething spells pleasant.


Alleviates and distractsthanks to various massaging features and crinkle material

Sore gums are massaged pleasantly through gentle chewing. Babies usually use their own hands for this. The mitt provides for more effective massaging and varied sensations in the mouth using different features. It also protects the sensitive skin on a baby's hands from being chewed on. The integrated crinkle material offers a diversion and a distraction from teething pain.


Extremely comfortable to wearthanks to soft, absorbent material

Teething is associated with increased salivation. If babies frequently chew on their hands during this period, their sensitive skin is easily damaged. The absorbent material soaks up excess saliva, protecting delicate little hands from becoming inflamed.
The soft internal lining is breathable and guarantees a pleasant atmosphere within the glove – for particularly high comfort.


An universal fitthanks to a practical hook-and-loop fastener

The size of the mitt can be adjusted individually thanks to the integrated hook-and-loop fastener. This ensures an optimum fit on the wrist, meaning your baby cannot remove it inadvertently. It also makes the glove easier to put on and take off.
Thanks to its wide shape, the glove is suitable for the hands of babies and toddlers. It can be worn on both the right and the left hand.


Hygienic storage and transportincl. protective bag

As you are not always at home when your baby is teething, the mitt comes with a practical storage bag, making it easy to transport. This prevents the glove getting dirty when you're out and about and no longer being usable. The bag also protects other items from contamination by the used mitten.


Quality – food-safe and harmlessthanks to high-quality materials

To offer babies and toddlers maximum protection, reer relies solely on the use of high-quality materials for its products. For that reason, only durable materials that are free from harmful substances and softeners were used for the teething mitt; it is also odour-free and free from BPA and PVC.


Product details

  • reduces teething pains by way of counterpressure and distraction
  • protects baby's hands against saliva and chewing
  • suitable for both right and left hands
  • integrated crackle foil
  • provides a varied biting sensation with its range of massage textures
  • pollutant-free
  • food safe
  • washable
  • Inhalt: 1x teething mitten, 1x hygiene cloth
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item number 79231
EAN code 4013283792315
age No
material silicone, polyester
colour white, grey
contents 1 x teething glove, 1 x hygiene pouch
packaging size 11,5 cm x 2,8 cm x 17 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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