Our Responsibility

We at reer take responsibility for a world worth living in - and that includes the future of our children. Our philosophy "Protect What You Love" is not only reflected in our products - our environment must also be protected. We work to achieve this in all areas.

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Our Environment

Our products accompany generations of children. We want to preserve our planet for many more generations. Therefore, we are constantly developing ourselves and our products to reach this goal.
„Even though we are aware that there is still a long way to go to achieve a sustainable world, we cannot just sit back and relax. Better today than tomorrow, we start with the first changes.“ (Tim Lorenz, Managing Director of reer)


To reduce packaging waste, we at reer will work on gradually selling our products unpackaged where possible. Where this is not possible, we will rely on packaging made of 100% recyclable material.

Innovation Drives Sustainability

Our Swabian inventive spirit does not stop at sustainable alternatives. We are constantly looking for materials that make our products even better for you, your child, and the environment.

Repairing Instead of Throwing Away

One way to a more sustainable future is to check damaged products and returns. We are convinced of the longevity of our products, which is why we repair them when possible and return them to the market as tested, refurbished used goods. This is something we have been doing for over 20 years.

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New ideas for more sustainability at reer are a work in progress. If we are being honest, sustainable management can only be achieved step-by-step. But we are highly motivated to integrate more and more sustainability into our everyday life and our products.

Our Employees

All of our employees belong to the large reer family. We cultivate a trusting and familiar relationship and offer numerous opportunities for further development.


"I am particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity at reer to implement my own ideas and to have the support of the entire team. This mixture of freedom and community spirit makes working at reer something special."

Inna Kopp, reer employee since 2011.

Inna Kopp

Our Products and Materials

Sustainability does not only mean protecting the environment. It also means to protect co-existence. We at reer make sure a fair production environment exists. We regularly visit and audit our production facilities to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct. We maintain long-term and trusting relationships with our suppliers.

Compliance with Human Rights

Freedom of Association

Safety in the Workplace

Compliance with Environmental Standards

No Child Labour

Equal Opportunities and Tolerance

Product Safety

Minimum Wage

Prohibition of Corruption

Our Engagement

We love what we protect: children. We care about the safety and well-being of every child. That is why we are committed to helping children all over the world. We support associations focused on the prevention and aftercare of children's accidents to create awareness for the safety of young children everywhere. In this way, we are able to pass on some of our success.

Cooperation with Experts in Accident Prevention

Sponsorships for Children All Over the World

Member of the Federal Working Group for More Safety for Children e. V.

Member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety

Product Donations to Hospitals

Initial Provision for Families with Triplet Births

Product Donations to and in Cooperation with Midwives

Product Donations to Daycare Centers