2in1 SleepLight - azure

Item details:

  • allrounder: Plug-in light and battery-operated night light
  • dusk sensor: only lights up during hours of darkness
  • 2 brightness levels, warm light
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Age recommendation: 0+

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2in1 SleepLight

Calming light


For a calming atmosphere when falling asleep

It’s very common for children to be afraid of the dark. Darkness swallows the familiar features of their room. What was a well-known, safe space before may seem like an alien and threatening place where monsters lurk under beds and in wardrobes.
The 2in1 SleepLight helps your child to find a calm focal point in the room and make sense of their surroundings, while giving your child a sense of comfort and security, a space for sweet dreams.


2 in 1 – works in sockets or as a mobile unitand can therefore be adapted according to individual requirements

The night light can be used both as a mobile night torch and plugged in to a socket. Its gentle light creates a little island of light in the dark, turning the child's room into a space of sleepy cosiness and comfort.
When used as a plug-in light in a socket, it will light up corridors at night and ensure your child finds the way through the dark.


Soft lightfor sweet dreams

It’s common for children to be scared of the dark. Night-time shadows and noises can easily seem threatening to a small person. The SleepLight creates a sleeping environment that’s free from fear and will help your child to fall asleep gently into an untroubled night. It gives enough light for your child to recognise the familiar features of the room and to allow you to check on your child, without compromising your child’s natural sleep patterns.


May be used as a mobile torchwith LED technology and a built-in rechargeable battery

The SleepLight may also be used for play on the go or included in the evening bedtime ritual. A rechargeable battery is installed securely, inaccessible to little hands, and allows the light to work for hours without an external power source. The night light offers additional safety through the use of modern LED technology. Thanks to its low heat production, there is no danger of ignition even with constant use.


Never “walk in the dark”with the dusk sensor

Using the light in a socket allows your child to find the way even, outside their bedroom. With the night light, children reach the bathroom or their parents’ bedroom safely. The integrated dusk sensor causes the light to switch on automatically as darkness sets in. By day, the light will automatically switch off.


Always the right level of brightnesswith adjustable brightness levels

Two different brightness levels ensure that the night light gives exactly as much light as is needed. Its soft light setting creates a calming atmosphere without disrupting sleep. At the same time, it gives enough light for night-time feeds and nappy-changing. Its brighter light setting allows for play or reading.


Charming good-night designsavailable in three versions

The night light is available in three different colours and designs: light grey with moon, light blue with sheep, or light pink with fox family. So each child will find its favourite design.
The body with its cute images turns it into attractive decoration during the day. Its subtle colours ensure that the night light fits perfectly in any child's bedroom.


Product details

  • allrounder: plug-in light and battery-operated night light
  • the battery charges during plugged-in use
  • dusk sensor: only lights up during hours of darkness
  • 2 brightness levels, warm light
  • warm light
  • energy-saving LED technology without getting hot
  • dimensions: ca. 6 x 7,5 x 6 cm
  • also available in cool grey (motif moon) and cherryblossom pink (motif fox)
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item number 52143
EAN code 4013283521434
age 0+
material plastic
colour azure
contents 1 SleepLight night light
packaging size 9,7 cm x 12 cm x 6,5 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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