Puristic DesignLine door guard

Item details:

  • adjustable gate width of 76 - 96 cm, with extension expandable up to 124 cm
  • Easy Shut Closure-System: A light push is enough for close the gate
  • the colour installation indicator makes installation and regular inspection not only easy but also very safe
  • the additional Night-Safe fluorescent light rail prevents the risk of tripping over the clamp frame in the dark
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DesignLine door guard


Creating a safe environment

Unfortunately, accidents involving toddlers happen very quickly. As soon as children start to crawl and explore their surroundings, "child unfriendly rooms" like the kitchen or the bathroom, where dangerous devices or cleaning agents are stored, should be secured. Hot stoves, medication items or cleaning agents fascinate toddlers and can result in serious injuries like burns or poisoning. Using door guards, you can secure dangerous rooms and protect your child from injuries.
Let a door guard protect your child!


Design meets Safetydoor guards - modern and safe

Design-oriented products gain increasing importance in every life situation. A lot of effort and money is put into the designing of living areas such as kitchens or living rooms. With the help of design-elements, the home is furnished beautiful and cosy. As a safety expert, reer responded to this trend and sets a clear standard with the DesignLine: beautiful design in line with highest safety
With its extra strong acrylic glass, Puristic not only provides a high degree of safety, but its design also blends in harmoniously with your modern living ambiance.


Flexible use of the door guard due to adjustable width

Due to its infinitely variable width of 76 – 96.5 cm, Puristic perfectly adapts to the widths of your doors and passageways. Each of the two included extensions enables Puristic to be extended by another 7 cm. Further extensions are available for particularly wide passageways. With a maximum of 6 extensions, the door guard is thus expandable to a width of 124.5 cm.


Quick and easy mounting without drilling or screwing

The door guard is quickly and easily mounted due to simple tightening, without damaging the door frame. Thus the door guard can quickly and flexibely be used in different locations.
The integrated installation indicator shows whether the gate has been installed correctly and makes it easy to regularly check the safe hold.


The installation video for the door guard

Get an overview of how easily and quickly Puristic can be installed.


Childproof safety gate locking systemEasyShut with locking indicator

The EasyShut locking system of the functional handle makes it impossible for children to open the safety gate, but adults can comfortably operate it with one hand. A light push is enough to close the door.
A colour indicator integrated into the handle shows whether the safety gate is closed correctly, thus ensuring an even higher level of safety..


A door gate with enhanced safety in the darkthanks to the NightSafe fluorescent rail

The included fluorescent rail NightSafe can be easily mounted at the bottom of the clamp frame. It illuminates up to 12 hours and makes the door guard visible at night. Thus the risk of tripping in the dark is significantly reduced and safety at night is enhanced.


Secure installation even with baseboardsthanks to WallFlex baseboard set

If installation of the aluminium rails is not possible due to baseboards or carpet borders, WallFlex can help. The baseboard set adjusts to uneven wall surfaces and enables a secure installation of the door/stair guard. Find more information about WallFlex.


Product details:

  • adjustable gate width of 76 - 96 cm; with extension expandable up to 124 cm
  • installation height: 77 cm
  • material: metal, plastic, acrylic safety glass
  • colour: anthracite
  • contens: 1 x door guard, 2 x extension, 1 x assembly kit including water-level, 1 x Night-Saf
  • suitable for children up to 24 months
  • if properly installed between two clean, dry and stable surfaces, the child safety gate complies with the standard EN 1930:2011
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item number 46031
EAN code 4013283460313
age 6 - 24 months
material metal, plastic, acrylic safety glass
colour anthracite
contents 1x door guard, 2x extensions, 1x mounting kit incl. spirit level, 1x NightSafe
packaging size 86,5 cm x 7,5 cm x 77,5 cm (B x T x H)
notes Please read the instructions carefully and before mounting. WARNING: The child safety gate may not be used on windows.

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