Baby Monitor with Star Projector and music box

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  • bugproof FHSS Baby Monitor, max. range 650 m
  • Integrated Star Projector and Children's Music Box
  • integrated thermometer with temperature alert
  • many features more
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Projector baby monitor

Digital baby monitor with star projector and music box


A reliable connection to your child

The safety and well-being of their child is the number-one priority of parents. And you especially always want to know that the child feels well when it is in bed. Since you cannot constantly monitor your child’s sleep in person, you need something to provide reliable monitoring. With the projector baby monitor, parents stay in constant contact with their child and are informed of his or her well-being at all times. This way you always have a sharp ear in the nursery without disturbing the little ones' important sleep. In addition, the star projector creates a calming sleep atmosphere in the nursery and gives children a feeling of safety and comfort even at night.


Secure connection with clear soundthanks to FHSS technology

The projector baby monitor uses an optimal combination of a baby and parent unit to help you monitor your sleeping child. A crystal-clear connection without interference is guaranteed thanks to FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology. Thanks to regular and automatic changing of channels, the baby monitor is 100% tap-proof.


Low-radiation and energy-savingdue to optional ECO mode and VOX function

Thanks to its intelligent noise activation feature (VOX), a connection is only established between the devices if the baby makes a noise. If your child sleeps well, the baby monitor will automatically switch to standby mode. Additionally, the baby unit can be switched to ECO mode. This reduces the radiation produced by the device, as long as the baby monitor is in standby mode. These product features will not only minimise the energy consumption of the baby monitor, but also reduce the radiation it emits.


Falling asleep feels safe and securethanks to night light & music box

The soft glow of the colourful starry sky projection calms your child without disturbing their important sleep. This helps them fall asleep, and provides a feeling of security. The brightness of the projection can be adjusted in 5 steps to suit your child's lighting needs. In addition, 6 soothing melodies and sounds gently lull your child to sleep. Thanks to the infinitely variable volume control, the sleep melodies can be completely adjusted to the child's needs. Both the night light and the music function can be conveniently controlled from the parent unit.


Mobile use thanks to 650-metre range and operating range monitor

Battery operation enables the parent unit to be used independently from a fixed power source. The baby monitor has a battery life of up to 57 hours and a range of up to 650 metres, making it ideal for mobile use in the home and garden for long periods of time. As soon as you exceed the range and reliable operation of the device can no longer be guaranteed, the baby monitor will notify you acoustically and visually. With its handy design and belt clip, you can conveniently attach the parent unit to your clothing. This way, you can keep your hands free and your baby monitor within arm’s reach.By inserting standard AAA batteries, the baby unit can also be operated completely mobile.


Adjustable to your needsthrough microphone sensitivity and volume

The highly sensitive microphone picks up even very quiet noises. However, the microphone sensitivity can be individually adjusted to your needs. This allows you to set the noise level the baby unit should react to. For example, whether the baby monitor should indicate even very quiet sounds, or whether the transmission should begin only with louder noises. The volume of the baby monitor can also be adjusted on the parent unit. If the volume is switched off completely, the vibration alarm on the parent unit will be switched on automatically.


Even more comfortthrough helpful additional functions

Thanks to the special coupling technology of the baby monitor, you can easily connect two baby units to the parent unit if required. This way you can stay informed about the well-being of two or more children at the same time. In addition to the functions already described, the reer baby monitor also has an intercom function. This enables you to calm your baby down on your way to the nursery. In addition, various alarms support you in taking care of your baby in the best possible way:

  • The integrated feeding alarm automatically reminds you that it's time for your baby's next meal. This helps you to feed your child at regular intervals and to get used to a daily routine.
  • The integrated temperature sensor not only informs you about the room temperature in the nursery, but also warns you if the nursery gets too hot or too cold.

Quickly and comprehensively informed thanks to the LED display and noise level indicator

The baby monitor is equipped with an LED display on which you can quickly and easily see the most important information. The LED display informs you about the connection and battery status, room temperature, feeding alarm, set volume, and optional vibration alarm. Here you can also see whether the baby unit's night light or music function is switched on. Especially important: If the baby monitor is picking up noises from your child, the noise level will also be shown visually on the display. This way, you won't miss any of your munchkin's activity, even if you're in a noisy environment and can't hear the sound.


Particularly flexiblethanks to a USB adapter and two USB cables

The parent unit can be powered with a USB adapter as well as with batteries. By connecting to the supplied USB adapter, the batteries are directly charged in the baby monitor. Thanks to the separate USB cables, however, the baby monitors can also be operated and charged flexibly with standard USB adapters via a wall socket or other electronic USB devices.


Product details:

  • digital transmission — FHSS technology
  • range up to 650 m
  • soothing light projection with starry sky and changing colour
  • music box with 6 lullabies
  • including pedestal for parent unit
  • ECO mode and VOX function
  • LED display with optical noise level display
  • optical and acoustic range control
  • intercom function
  • adjustable volume and microphone sensitivity
  • vibrating alert
  • with belt clip
  • battery or mains operation
  • feeding alert
  • temperature sensor and alert
item number 50080
EAN code 4013283500804
age 0+
material plastic
colour white
contents 1 parents unit, 1 baby unit, 1 base for parents unit, USB Adaptor, 2x USB Cable, manual
packaging size No
notes No

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