Growing sustainable dishes

As a family company, we at reer take responsibility to ensure a world worth living in – both now and in our children’s future. The children’s dinnerware sets in the Growing range are a visible expression of our corporate philosophy and our sustainable interaction with our environment.

What does "Growing" mean?Renewable and adaptable

Growing equals renewable: Our products consist of a mixture of materials: 80% of them consist of renewable raw materials. These include sugar and other carbohydrates as well as wood fibres from Germany.

Growing equals adaptable: Our dinnerware is suitable for children learning to eat as well as for bigger eaters. It is a loyal and durable companion throughout childhood.


No Competitionon the plate

The sugar and the other carbohydrates used are a by-product of food production and are not suitable for consumption. Growing does not use any resources that would be better suited to combating hunger in the world. What’s more, the wood fibres for this dinnerware are also by-products from sawmills etc. No extra trees have to be felled for this dinnerware. Instead, resources that accrue but were previously left unused are employed meaningfully.


Closed CO2 cyclefor a reduction of greenhouse gases

No extra carbon dioxide is created during the production of the material, making the manufacturing of the sustainable Growing material mix CO2 neutral and avoiding additional harm to the climate. This means that every cup, every plate and every item of cutlery makes a small contribution to the avoidance of greenhouse gases.


Safe all roundFree of BPA and melamine

Unlike many synthetic products, our dinnerware is free from BPA and PVC. Nor do we use melamine during production. This means that our products are heat resistant. As a result, hot fluids can also be used with Growing products without any worries. This means that they make a valuable contribution to protecting health.


Our Growing tableware is made from an innovative, bio-based mix of materials. It consists of at least 80% renewable raw materials, such as wood from Germany and sugar from regulated cultivation areas. In that way, we replace a large proportion of petroleum-based raw materials with renewable raw materials.

The remaining roughly 20 % consists of plastic. The use of plastic is still necessary at the moment in order to achieve the high quality standards for breaking resistance, safety and durability of the tableware. As a child safety expert, quality is our top priority. Thanks to the innovative material mix, the Growing tableware complies with both the EN 14372 safety standard and is of course free of melamine, formaldehyde, PVC, BPA and phthalates.