PremiumCare baby nail scissors

Item details:

  • short blades for safe cutting
  • secure grip, easy to hold
  • sterilisable and antiallergenic
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Age recommendation: 0+

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baby nail scissors


Nail cutting - simple and safe

When a baby's nails grow too long, they often scratch and hurt themselves. That's why it's important to cut nails regularly. Yet this can be a challenge, as babies seldom stay still for long and parents are anxious about hurting their child. To make it as safe and easy as possible to care for little ones' nails, parents should use scissors designed for use on children.
The PremiumCare baby nail scissors have been specially designed for the needs of small baby nails, ensuring safe cutting.


Particularly safethanks to rounded tips

As most children find having their nails cut unpleasant, little ones often instinctively pull their fingers away during cutting. This can easily lead to damage to sensitive cuticles. With this in mind, the tips of the scissors have been specially rounded off. This allows injuries to be prevented and ensures safe nail cutting.


For controlled cuttingthanks to short, slightly curved blades

The shorter the blade, the more control you have over the cut. That is why the baby scissors feature particularly short blades. Their slightly curved surfaces are an optimal fit for the natural curve of a nail, enabling the effortless and precise cutting of fingernails and toenails.


Easy handlingextra-large handles

To ensure they are just right for tiny baby hands and feet, these baby scissors are somewhat shorter than normal scissors. This offers you the best possible control when cutting. Unlike with many other baby scissors, particular attention has been paid to making sure that the handles are large enough to guarantee comfortable handling for adults. The ergonomically designed handles are a perfect fit in the hand, providing a secure grip. The scissors are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.


Quality – safe and harmlessthanks to high-quality stainless steel

High-quality nail scissors should be used from the start, as blunt scissors make nail care highly unpleasant both for your child as well as yourself. For this reason, the PremiumCare nail scissors are made in Solingen from high-quality stainless steel that is free from harmful substances. The rust-free stainless steel guarantees the highest cutting quality with no loss of sharpness – for quick and precise nail cutting. The scissors can be sterilised and are anti-allergenic.

Product details

  • short blades for safe cutting
  • secure grip, easy to hold
  • sterilisable and antiallergenic
  • rounded, short tip
  • suitable for left- and right-handed people
  • pollutant-free
  • total length: 85 mm
  • material: high-quality, stainless steel
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item number 81011
EAN code 4013283810118
age 0+
material stainless steel
colour stainless steel
contents 1 baby nail scissors
packaging size 10 cm x 2 cm x 14 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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