Our philosophy protect what you love

As a fourth-generation family enterprise, we know the importance of families. Many of our employees are parents themselves and know that the moment you hear the beating of a tiny heart in a mother's womb, it changes your world-view completely. When you hold your child a few months later, you feel a complete and unconditional love that grows with every passing day.

"‘Protect what you love’ " - is not just our motto, it is the ultimate goal of all parents. At reer, we know how wonderful and, at the same time, how difficult the life of a new family can be: we would like to support you as much as possible to ensure your child's well-being and safety.

With more than 90 years experience and intensive cooperation with families, we understand your needs, and we have invented many innovative products without which a household suitable for babies would not be conceivable. These practical aids make your life easier—from pregnancy to kindergarten—contributing to better well-being. Together with our experts, we develop smart safety solutions, allowing you to create a safe living environment for your child to grow up in. This way, you can feel more relaxed as your little one discovers their environment. With products by reer, the entire family can feel safe.

Kind regards, your reer team