NightGuide changing-light

Item details:

  • ensures safe navigation at night: for changing, nursing, milk preparation and many other tasks.
  • automatic on/off switching (movement and twilight sensor)
  • flexible use as floor-, cabinet- or wall-light
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Age recommendation: 0+ years

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Mantains the sleepy atmosphere when changing nappies at night

A restful night’s sleep is vital in order to ensure your child's healthy development. Sleep is often interrupted during an infant's first year if it is hungry or needs a nappy change. Good lighting is essential to provide quick care for your child.
While normal room lighting is usually too bright for tired baby eyes and will wake the child abruptly, soft lighting keeps the sleepy atmosphere, while providing you with much-needed orientation. The soft light cast by the NightGuide makes it an ideal light source for changing nappies and breastfeeding at night.


Provides soft light for safe orientation at night

Our baby changing light offers an excellent alternative to bright room light for getting one's bearing at night. The soft light helps you to locate any necessary changing materials immediately. Not only does NightGuide provide enough light for changing nappies, it also allows you to breastfeed your baby or prepare a bottle without having to switch on harsh ceiling lights. That way, you can maintain the sleepy atmosphere and be sure that you will both fall back fast asleep.


Turns on and off automatically thanks to intelligent sensors

The NightGuide is equipped with a twilight and motion sensor. The sensors automatically activate the changing light as soon as they detect movement, meaning you don't have to search for the power switch. The light switches off again automatically after approx. 30 seconds if there is no movement. The NightGuide can also be switched to continuous light mode as required. On this setting, the light stays on until it is switched off manually.


Flexible usecan be used as a freestanding, wall and cupboard light

The compact shape of our decorative baby changing light lets it fit on any changing table, while the attractive backside motif makes it an ideal source of indirect lighting. With additional recesses on the back, the NightGuide can also be attached to the wall with screws quickly and easily.
The NightGuide operates cable-free by battery, meaning it can be used independently of power sources. It provides excellent illumination for dark drawers for example, putting an end to the nightly search for a fresh romper. It can also be used in case of power failure.


Durable, energy saving and safe thanks to LED technology

With 8 LED lights, the NightGuide brings all the advantages of a modern LED light source to the fore: The baby changing light is energy-saving, has a long service life (up to 10,000 hours) and is especially safe because it does not get hot even during extended use.


Product details

  • ensures safe navigation at night: for changing, nursing, milk preparation and many other tasks
  • automatic on/off switching (movement and twilight sensor)
  • warm lighting (approx. 6500 K)
  • flexible use as floor-, cabinet- or wall-light
  • wireless and battery-operated
  • energy-saving LED technology (8 LEDs), duration of light: 10.000 h
  • dimensions: 7 cm x 7.3 cm (HxW)
  • colour: light-blue with a theme
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item number 52020
EAN code 4013283520208
age 0+ years
material plastic
colour light blue
contents 1 x night light, batteries not included
packaging size 10 cm x 12 cm x 3,3 cm
notes No

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