Growing up safely: reer products protect your children


Gefahr TV kippenSometimes a moment of inattention or a sudden distraction is all it takes for the harm to be done: Falls, burns and poisoning are among the three most frequent causes of accidents involving children aged 1 to 4. In this age-group, 60% of all accidents happen at home.

The risk of accidents varies depending on the age of children, especially as toddlers develop new skills every day and want to explore their environment. As children grow up, they become more mobile and active, exposing themselves to greater hazards and risks. But children under the age of four lack any risk awareness – this means everyday situations such as hot stoves, stairs or an unlocked medicine cupboard can have tragic consequences.


However, a number of practical solutions have now been developed to make the home safer for children with very little effort and at very little cost. Be stair gates, stove guards, bed guards, socket/edge protectors or even drawer locks, reer, a traditional brand, has been providing easy-to-use solutions to help keep children safe for many years – all of them simple to set up.


Education helps recognising dangers

Gefahreneinschätzung ElternMany parents, however, still underestimate the sources of danger in their own home. Thus, a study conducted by the GfK [1] in 2012 shows very clearly that 60 percent of parents believe road traffic presents the greatest threat to their children. Only 17 percent believe they might get injured at home. Accident statistics, however, show a different picture: 78% of all accidents happen at home, or in a care centre, and only 14% are caused by traffic. Children under the age of five are especially at risk, and under-twos suffered the most frequent and severe head injuries. Safety experts at reer are committed to making people aware of the dangers at home and of how injuries can be avoided. 'You can only set up adequate protection measures if you know the risks,' explains Rainer Mörk, the owner of reer GmbH. 'Therefore, we first of all aim to explain and offer solutions everyone can afford. We want to prevent injuries and provide a safe place for children to grow up carefree.' On the web, reer also shows parents the most frequent hazards for toddlers, under the motto of Discover, understand and prevent dangers'. The website shows a virtual safety house where you can interactively find appropriate safety solutions for the little ones.


The right solution for every hazard

Gefahr offener KüchenschrankDanger from open cupboards, cars, climbing frames or poisonous plants: parents are quick to detect dangers outside the house. At home, things are more complicated. 'Our home is a place we know, and we feel so safe there that we frequently underestimate the dangers for small children and babies,' Tim Lorenz, managing director of reer GmbH explains. Because of this, stoves, detergents or  wardrobes with drawers can easily become a hazard for children. Even heights that are easily scaled by adults may be dangerous for toddlers and babies: the baby cot, for example, or a staircase. reer products make it easy to eliminate hazards before serious accidents happen. For example, the company offers stove guards that prevent children pulling down liquid-filled pots or touching hot stoves. Socket protectors safeguard your darlings from electric shock and can either be screwed or glued on. Gates for the baby cot or stairs prevent falls, and changing table guards keep your babies secure. Pinched fingers and access to dangerous objects are a thing of the past with reer's drawer and cabinet locks. Doors can be made safe with door stoppers, finger protection and door brakes. Edge protectors prevent bruises, painful bumps or dangerous lacerations.


Safety and well-being since day one

Wickeltisch-HeizstrahlerIn addition to its many ingenious safety solutions, reer offers a large product range of practical aids no parent will want to be without again. Inventing the supplementary food and bottle warmer, the baby monitor and the changing table heater, the safety expert aims to simplify everyday life for young parents and children. Part of this involves analysing situations from a child's point of view and design products in such a way that they win over both children and parents. For example, the changing table heater, invented by the Leonbergers' in 1997, prevents unpleasant cooling during the changing process. The advantage is obvious: Babies simply are comfortable, and parents are much more relaxed when changing their children. 'This example illustrates how we approach our work,' explains Rainer Mörk. 'We want parents and children to simply feel comfortable and develop modern products for very special requirements.' Our wide range of home safety products is rounded out with fever thermometers, baby food warmers, insulated storage boxes, mosquito nets and sun shades.

[1]  GfK Financial market research 2012, survey on the topic ‘How at risk is my child?’ commissioned by the GDV, the German insurers' association.