The comfortable temperature for your baby - proper protection against low body temperature


Dear parents,


Whenever we adults feel hot or cold, we dress and act accordingly. At the same time, our body‘s temperatureregulating system reacts to different temperatures by sweating or shivering as a means of adjustment. As a result we are able to maintain our body temperature
at a constant level.Dr. med. Schaber - ärtzlicher Berater der reer GmbH


A baby‘s body, however, is not yet able to adapt its own temperature to falling or rising ambient temperatures. This means that babies are easily subject to over-heating or low body temperature. Consequently, your little one needs your help to stay comfortable, especially during the first months of his or her life.

In cooperation with our medical consultant, Dr. Schaber, M.D., we have compiled some helpful and practical tips for you in this guidebook to give you peace of mind and keep your baby comfortable.


Temperature drop and its consequences

Babies have a larger body surface area in relation to their weight than adults and therefore are prone to rapid loss of body temperature. Their little heads, which are quite large in comparison, are particularly sensitive. Parents must therefore check for correct ambient temperature and make sure their babies wear appropriate clothing. Things can get critical, especially if the baby is subject to excessive and sudden temperature fluctuations. Rapid cooling of the body, especially of the head and the respiratory tract may lead to a secondary condition such as a cold, because the immune system of the little ones is weakened at such moments.

 Temperaturkurve Baby nach Baden

In particular after a bath, a drastic drop in body temperature by at least 15 °C / 59 °F is not uncommon (see image). The ideal water temperature is about 37 °C / 98.6 °F, which pleasantly warms the child‘s body. In contrast, the average room temperature is 22 °C / 71.6 °F. This  temperature difference is still noticeable during warm summer months, as well as in southern countries with a milder climate year-round.


Proper protection against low body temperature

reer invented the changing table heater in 1996 and continued to develop this product, so you can lovingly care for your baby at changing time or towel the little one dry carefully after a bath. The heater quickly provides targeted, comfortable warmth for your little one, thus preventing a dramatic cooling of the body and any related illness. 

Auskühlen mit einem Wickeltisch-Heizstrahler vorbeugen Thanks to the pleasant radiant heat, a constant comfort temperature is maintained and the huge temperature difference after bathing or during a nappy change is gently compensated. At the same time, it may speed up the healing process of rashes or sores on the delicate baby skin. The specially developed safety heating rod ensures perfect heat radiation that protects babies‘ sensitive skin.