Don’t wrap in cotton wool: create a safe environment instead!


Sometimes it seems that children are magically attracted by everything that is not suited for them. Be it staircases, drawers, hot pans or sharp objects - everything will be explored and carefully examined. This curiosity and desire to discover is perfectly natural and is an important part of the child’s development. As children grow up, their mobility and radius of activities increase, exposing them to more hazards and risks. But children under the age of four lack any risk awareness – this means everyday situations such as hot stoves, stairs or an unlocked medicine cupboard can have tragic consequences. ‘Accidents are among the highest health risks for children.’ [1] In 2009, 295,000 children suffered injuries at home (i.e. indoors, in the courtyard or garden) alone. Some 63% of these were under the age of 6. [2]

Safety Facts

According to the ‘National Association for Greater Safety for Children’ (‘Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder e.V.’), accidents at home are the biggest risk to children under the age of 15: Falls, collisions, injuries caused by sharp objects and trapping. [3] For children under 4, the most common (age-related) causes of accidents are: falling (e.g. from the changing table), choking, swallowing of objects, poisoning, scalding, electrical accidents and drowning. [4]

The tragedy of this is that experts estimate that 60–80% of accidents are preventable. Gefahr offene Schublade

Thus, a safe environment must be created so that children can explore their immediate surroundings independently. In the same way that vaccines prevent diseases, preventive measures can also protect against injuries. Every room in the house or apartment has its own dangers, which can be significantly reduced by observing certain rules and introducing technical safety products.


Many accidents happen because parents are not aware of, or underestimate, the dangers. As the market leader in the child safety industry, reer GmbH sees its mission in making an active contribution to improving child safety. ‘This primarily includes the development and provision of good safety products as well as training and explanation measures. Because medium and severe falling accidents of babies and small children can largely be avoided with appropriate knowledge and small helpers around the house,’ Rainer Mörk, owner of reer GmbH, expresses his conviction. At the same time, he points out that explaining and raising awareness of potential hazards must not be mistaken as scaremongering. ‘We do not want to peddle fears and make parents even more insecure. However, it is simply important that parents are aware of the most frequent and worst hazards in order to prevent them.’


The reer company was founded in 1922 by Robert Reer. Already back then, reer established a good reputation as a supplier of electronic components for renowned companies such as Bosch, Siemens and AEG, thus creating the foundation for the technical know-how of today. Paul Mörk took over the company in 1962 and has since focussed on electrical devices for baby care. It all started with the production of night lights to help children with their fear of darkness.


Gefahr StromOnly two years later, the first automatic bottle warmer sold under the name MABO was released on the market. At that time, reer was already one of the most innovative companies in its field, producing its first wired baby monitor in 1974. Almost exactly 12 years later, in 1986, reer’s next product innovation saw the light of day. This time, Paul Mörk had the idea to use water vapour to disinfect baby bottles or teats. Today, every mother is familiar with such a device, appreciating its functions. As Rainer Mörk took over the company in 1992, the baby product field was expanded even further, and the key competencies in the electrical and safety product areas were redefined from scratch. Just two years later, another absolute global innovation was introduced: for the first time, it was possible to suppress background noises in baby monitors using inteference free and tap-proof channels.


Wickeltisch-HeizstrahlerIn 1996, another innovation appeared, without which many of today’s baby households are unthinkable: the changing table heater. This idea came to the company owner Rainer Mörk as he encountered the problem of catching colds on the changing table with his own son. So he began to think about how to solve this problem, ultimately converting a terrace heater into a changing table heater. A special safety heating spiral was developed that provided optimal heating radiation, which did not do any damage to the sensitive skin of babies. Until today, reer continues to bring continually improved or new products for young families to the market , making an enormous contribution in making your everyday life with children as safe and comfortable as possible.

As a market leader in the area of child safety products and the traditional German brand reer stands for ingenuity in baby products and more safety and convenience. Social responsibility is also important at reer: the family company is a member of the German national association ‘More Safety for Children’ (Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder e.V.).

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