MyBabyLight Moon

Item details:

  • creates a soothing atmosphere to fall asleep
  • appealing bedtime motif
  • particularly childsafe
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Fall asleep calm and secure

A balanced sleep is particularly important for children's developement, because new impressions are especially processed at night. But the fear of the dark, disorientation at night or feeling lonely, can hinder your child from falling asleep.
The cute motifs of the MyBabyLight series accompany your child into a healthy sleep and ensure a feeling of safety and comfort at night.


Appealing good-night motifs available in two variants

The night light is available in two different motifs: moon or owl. They enchant children with their bright colours and cute motifs. The backlit picture display of the MyBabyLight makes it not only an attractive eye-catcher. Especially at night, when it’s getting dark outside, it lights up the night stand cosily and inspires to dream.


Soft lightfor an undisturbed sleep

The MyBabyLight night light embraces the sleep environment with a cosy atmosphere and helps your child to fall into a deep and carefree sleep. The soft glow of the soothing light offers you enough light to look after your child, without needing another light source. The small one’s thus can mantain fast asleep.


Easy and safe thanks to LED technology with childproof battery compartment

The battery operated night light is independent from sockets and can flexibly be used anywhere. The battery compartment is secured from the childlike curiosity and urge to discover, using a screw.
Thanks to modern LED technology, it is energy-saving as well as safe. Due to the low heat development, there is no risk of ignition even permanent use.


Product details

  • the soft light creates a soothing atmosphere to fall asleep
  • an appealing bedtime motif accompanies the children to sleep
  • energy-saving LED technology without heat generation
  • particularly safe thanks to shatterproof material and emergency light function
  • easy handling
  • dimensions: (WxHxD): ca. 8,5 cm x 7,5 cm x 3 cm
  • 2xAA batteries (not included), 3V, 0.01A / 0.03W
  • also avaibable: MyBabyLight, motif Owl
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item number 52063
EAN code 4013283520635
age No
material No
colour pacific blue
contents soothing light, manual, batteries not included
packaging size 9,7 cm x 3,5 cm x 12 cm (BxTxH)
notes No

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