Multi-Lock Economy Pack

Item details:

  • for childproof closing of drawers, cabinets and dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves
  • strong hold and residue-free removal
  • easy operation for adults: operation with only one hand
  • tested according to EN 16948:2017
  • attractive economy pack containing 3 pieces
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Age recommendation: 6+

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Reliably locks cupboards & drawers from curious children’s hands

The contents of cupboards and drawers, as well as dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves, are particularly exciting for children. Once they learn to crawl and walk, they can easily reach handles and objects that do not belong in children’s hands, such as knives or poisonous cleaning agents.
The reer multi- lock helps you to protect your little one from danger by allowing you to lock a variety of objects, including cupboards and other storage, in a childproof way.


Quality and safetytested according to strict testing standards

To offer babies and toddlers maximum protection, reer products are controlled in accordance with strict testing standards. The item not only goes through in-house tests, but is also tested by independent institutions. Our multi-lock has been tested according to the current standard EN 16948:2017.
It has successfully passed hold tests, longevity tests and stress tests. Even under heavy loads, the multi-lock retains its adhesive strength and sits securely on the piece of furniture. Even after long-term use, the opening mechanism remains difficult for children’s hands to open. The stability of the material remains constant and thus prevents the multi-lock from breaking, even after more than 5000 openings. Only multi-locks that have been tested according to this standard offer sufficient and secure hold and ensure safe operation even after long periods of use.


Universally applicablefor cupboards, drawers and much more

The safety lock can be attached to any piece of furniture that allows for corner mounting. It allows you to reliably lock cupboards and drawers in which, for example, medicines or sharp objects such as knives or scissors are stored. In addition, electrical appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves can also be secured. This prevents your child from coming into contact with fragile objects and the refrigerator from defrosting due to accidental opening. Thanks to its simple, modern design, the multi-lock is suitable for every type of home.


Easy to open and closeconvenient operation for adults

With the reer multi-lock, cupboards and other similar objects are kept safely locked up, away from any small explorers. For adults, though, it can be easily opened with one hand. To do this, simply push the small slider downwards and lift the lock upwards. The band can then be removed from the locking element and the piece of furniture opened as usual.


Easy and quick installationno drilling or screwing

The multi-lock can be attached quickly and easily thanks to the specially developed safety performance tape provided. The adhesive tape ensures a secure hold and residue-free removal of the multi-purpose safety lock when it is no longer needed.


Product details

  • for childproof locking of drawers, cupboards, dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves
  • strong hold and residue-free removal
  • easy handling for adults – can be operated with a single hand
  • tested according to new standard EN 16948:2017
  • suitable for: wooden and steel furniture of a thickness not exceeding 45 mm; stained, lacquered, veneer and laminate surfaces
  • install with the enclosed adhesive tape
  • for indoor use only
  • contents: 3 pieces
  • also available as single part
  • Do you prefer a different colour? Take a look at our DesignLine multi-lock in anthracite
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item number 72040
EAN code 4013283720400
age 6+
material plastic
colour white
contents 3 Multi-Locks
packaging size 9,7 cm x 5 cm x 12 cm (W x D x H)
notes Beachten Sie die beiliegenden Gebrauchs- und Sicherheitshinweise!

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