MommyLine WC-Cover for pregnants

Item details:

  • disposable WC-Cover
  • covers the entire contact area and reduces the risk of contact infections
  • special developed shape:extra wide cover and lateral hygienic wings
  • thanks to the 3 adhesive strips, there is no slippage
  • germ- and waterproof foil
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Age recommendation: from first pregnancy week

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WC-Cover for pregnants


I need to go, now!

This problem is familiar to any pregnant woman. The growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder, and increased consumption of liquid also contributes to the frequency of urination. As your pregnancy progresses, the problem becomes increasingly urgent, as your baby will soon discover a new activity: sitting on mum's bladder. This becomes even more unpleasant when travelling: even if a toilet is available, it may not be particularly clean.
For your protection, reer developed a disposable toilet seat sover. The hygienic film is wide enough to completely cover the contact surfaces of the toilet seat and thus safely reduces the risk of contact infections from viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Tip from the midwive: Infections during pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to get urinary tract infections more frequently, because the pH level of the vagina changes, and thus the number of lactic acid bacteria that are responsible for germ resistance, is reduced. The ureters are also spaced apart and the flow of urine is slowed. Germs can thus adhere and multiply easier. And there is more: Normally, the human immune system is skilled at differentiating between host and foreign cells, fighting off intruders quickly and effectively. If this were true during pregnancy, the mother’s immune system would consider the growing embryo a foreign body, because of the genetic material contributed by the father, and expel it. In order to prevent this, the activity of the mother’s immune system is naturally limited during pregnancy. This makes pregnant women more vulnerable to pathogens. The use of medications during an illness is also only possible to a limited extent. As a result, infections are more difficult to treat. Thus, good hygiene from the beginning of pregnancy protects both the mother and child.


Reliable protective barriers against bacteria and germs

The disposable toilet cover offers perfect contact protection. It is made of a 2-layer clinical film, and is impervious to water and germs. The skin-friendly and soft PE film material is impervious to fluids, and becomes a reliable protective barrier against dangerous bacteria and germs. Thanks to its specially developed shape, with an extra-wide cover and side wings, this product covers the toilet seat completely.


Always in the right place

Closer to the end of pregnancy, as the belly grows, using cramped public toilets becomes a challenge. As soon as you lay a paper toilet cover down, it slips off. This cannot happen with the toilet cover by reer: three points of adhesion ensure that the tear-resistant cover will not slip and stays in place no matter how you move.


Small and light — ideal for trips

The packaging is small and light: it is easy to close once open, and it fits in any handbag. It can also offer protection against bacteria and germs in public toilets for the entire family.
The PVC-free cover can be disposed of after each use.


Product details:

  • no contact with dirty toilets
  • covers the entire contact area and reduces the risk of contact infections
  • hygienic, tear-resistant, waterproof and germ-proof foil
  • no slipping thanks to three points of adhesion
  • skin-friendly and soft surface
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item number 88123
EAN code 4013283881231
age from first pregnancy week
material PE-foil, fresh cellulose pulp material - free of PVC
colour mint-green
contents 3 pieces
packaging size 11.0 cm x 1.0 cm x 17.0 cm (W x D x H)
notes Do not dispose of in the toilet!

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