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  • to portion milkpowder for home and travel
  • all cans are individually closableand can be used individually (Fig. 2) 
  • integrated funnel for easy fill in of powderalso suitable for ready-made mash, tea powder etc.
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Age recommendation: 0+

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For easy preparation and hygienic storage of milk powder

Formula powder for babies must be carefully measured and mixed with water in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s not always easy to find time to do all that measuring before feeding your baby. When baby is hungry, every second of delay can feel too long!
The formula portion cup system, including three cups and a lid with a funnel, helps to prepare just the right amount for each feed and allows you to prepare your baby’s feed quickly and safely.


For formula preparation on the goclean, hygienic and space-saving packing solution

Being out and about with young children means carrying a lot of stuff around. Formula packaging for preparation when out and about can take up much more space than is necessary. The formula portion cup system by reer cuts down on the bulk in the bag, allowing parents to take exactly the amount needed for feeds. Additional locking systems ensure the powder is transported hygienically. Especially space-saving: as each cup can be locked individually, parents may choose how many to take on each outing.


A handy helper at home facilitates the preparation of formula

Powdered formula must be measured precisely in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and mixed with the right amount of water. Parents quickly learn to include formula preparation into their daily baby routine, but people who do not handle formula on a daily basis - such as other family members or babysitters - can run into trouble in the preparation of the baby’s feed. To make things easier for them, the cup system allows for the right amount to be measured in advance and kept in the formula portion cups. Where different amounts are fed at different times of the day, the coloured cups help to feed the right amount at the right time.


Easily refilledwith extra-large openings

The cups all feature an extra-large opening, facilitating the refill with formula powder. Once your child has grown out of formula, the large cup openings mean the cups make excellent snack boxes. Pieces of fruit, biscuits and muesli are easily carried and allow you to be ready with a snack as soon as your child gets peckish out and about.


Easy powder pouringwith funnel lid

When the little one is hungry, things need to move quickly! The funnel allows you to prepare formula very quickly. Simply screw the lid on to the storage cup and poor the powder into the bottle. This removes any fiddly and time-intensive refilling of the powder with a spoon. It also ensures that the whole portion of powder ends up in the bottle, and none is lost along the way.


Quality and safetytested according to strict standards

To offer babies and toddlers maximum protection, reer products are controlled in accordance with strict testing standards. The items not only go through in-house tests, but are also tested by independent institutions. Our formula portion cup system has been tested in accordance with the current EN 14372 safety standard (child use and care articles - cutlery and feeding utensils). The test results confirm that our product stores the powder without causing any change in flavour, and that the plastic used is appropriate for food and drink. It is, of course, free from BPA and any harmful softeners.


Product details

  • to portion milk powder for home and travel
  • all cans are individually closable and can be used individually
  • integrated funnel for easy fill in of powder
  • also suitable for ready-made mash, tea powder etc.
  • material: high-quality, food-safe plastic
  • complies with safety standard EN 14372
  • The perfect match: With a vacuum flask, warm water is always available for formula preparation on the go. Browse our large selection of vacuum flasks to find the right one for you.
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item number 21012
EAN code 4013283210123
age 0+
material pastic
colour varied
contents 1 Milchpulver-Portionierer
packaging size 10 x 9 x 22.8 cm
notes This product is not a toy, use the item for its intended purpose only. Do not put into microwave. Do not use the product if there are signs of damage.

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