Magnetic lock with assembly aid - Economy Pack 2 pcs.

Item details:

  • especially childproof: unlocking is only possible with special magnetic key
  • fast & easy fastening using the enclosed assembly aid
  • glueing or screwing
  • practical mounting plate to store the key
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Age recommendation: 6 - 24 months

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Magnetic lock

with patented mounting aid


Reliably locks cupboards and drawers to protect children

The contents of cupboards and drawers are particularly exciting for little ones. As soon as they learn to crawl and walk, they reach for handles and get a hold of objects that do not belong in children's hands.
Their curiosity pushes them to explore their surroundings. Now hardly anything is safe from their natural urge to discover. Dangerous objects such as knives or medication can quickly get into their hands. Protect your darling from drawers and cupboards with dangerous contents by securing them with a magnetic lock from reer.


Patented mounting aidfor quick and easy installation

A practical assembly aid is included with the magnetic lock, eliminating the need for cumbersome measuring, marking and positioning of the individual parts. The two locking parts only have to be connected with the mounting bracket and glued to the cupboard - and it’s finished.


Safe and easy installation
in 4 steps:


Here you can find the installation video

Get an overview how quickly and easily the article can be installed.


Especially childproofcan only be unlocked with a magnetic key

Unlike conventional fuses, the door must be open a bit. With the reer Magnet lock it remains completely closed until you unlock it with the magnet. This unlocking mechanism allows longer use also for older children.


Magnetic wall holderfor safekeeping of the key

The unlocking key includes a wall bracket. Thus, the key is always accessible for you and safe from the children. It can be installed or removed easily with the enclosed glue pad. You can install it above the drawer on the wall for example.


Universally applicablefor cupboard doors and drawers

The magnetic lock can be installed in the drawer or inside of a cupboard door. Because of the installation inside, the fuse is not visible from outside and fits "invisibly" into any living environment. In addition, you can fix the magnetic lock with the enclosed screws.


Product details:

  • especially childproof: unlocking is only possible with special magnetic key
  • fast & easy installation with enclosed assembly aid
  • installation via sticking or screwing
  • included wall holder for safe storage of the key
  • suitable for drawer and cabinet fronts with a thickness up to approx. 30 mm
  • content: 2 pcs. incl. key
  • material: plastic
  • colour: white
  • also available separately and as an economy pack with 4 pcs.
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item number 51010
EAN code 4013283510100
age 6 - 24 months
material plastic
colour white
contents 2 pieces incl. key
packaging size 9.7 cm x 5.0 cm x 12.0 cm (W x D x H)
notes Observe the enclosed operating and safety instructions!

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