Cloud - Sweet Dreams lumilu Night Light

Item details:

  • LED night light in sweet cloud shape
  • optional 15 min Timer
  • extra childproof thank to screwed battery compartment
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Age recommendation: from 10 months on

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Undisturbed and restful sleep for your baby...

...that is what motivated us to develop our new lumilu night light collection. They let your loved one dream, protecting them while they sleep. Modern design and almost 100 years of experience – this is what distinguishes the lumilu night lights from child-safety pioneer reer.
The heavenly bodies from the SweetDreams series won't leave your child alone at night. Their gentle light ensures that children fall asleep without fear and dream pleasantly.


Easy operation thanks to touch control

The night light is easy to operate even for the smallest children. Simply select the desired setting by touching the front several times – that's it. The touch function also allows parents to switch off the light silently after the child has fallen asleep.


Safe use thanks to LED lights

The night light offers additional safety through the use of modern LED technology. Thanks to its low heat production, there is no fire risk even when in continuous operation. At the same time they create a pleasant atmosphere with their warm light.


Extra childproof thanks to clever features

The SweetDream lights are battery operated. For extra safety, the battery compartment is secured with a screw against the child's urge to explore. This prevents your child from getting to the battery, so there is no risk of it being swallowed.
In addition, the rounded design and the pollutant-free materials – free of BPA and phthalates – make the night light a safe companion for our young ones.

item number 52250
EAN code 4013283522509
age from 10 months on
material plastic
colour white, light colour warm white
contents 1 night light
packaging size 13.1 cm x 8.3 cm x 14 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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