LightReflex reflective sticker set

Item details:

  • increases visibility when it is dark and when visibility is poor
  • Set of 10 printed motifs and 8 strips in different sizes
  • self-adhesive, universally applicable - adheres to different materials (plastic, metal, textiles)
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More safety in the dark

Under poor visibility, such as twilight, darkness, fog or rain, pedestrians are often only visible at the last moment. This is why walks or outings on foot, or with a bicycle or walking bike, can quickly lead to life-threatening accidents on the road.
The LightReflex reflective stickers increase your visibility so that you can be seen in time.


More safety thanks to increased visibility

The LightReflex reflective stickers have been coated with a specially developed reflective foil. This patented reflective foil reflects a large part of the incident light with particularly high intensity, maximising your own visibility for other road users.


Safety for large and smallthrough extensive set

The reflective sticker set consists of 10 printed motif stickers and 8 strips in different sizes While the little ones will love the printed motif stickers with their cute illustrations, the reliably adhesive sticker strips are also popular with adults, due to their simple design.


Flexible to useself-adhesive on a variety of materials

The reflector stickers feature strong 3M adhesive tape on the underside. This gives the stickers a particularly high adhesive power on many different surfaces. This means they can be applied not only to metal or plastic, but are also ideal for use on textiles.


Versatile usefor prams, clothes, helmets and much more

The stickers can be used on a wide variety of objects. Thanks to their narrow shape, the strips are ideal for attaching to pram frames, scooters, walking bikes, bicycle frames or thin walking sticks. The versatile stickers also adhere perfectly to round shapes, such as helmets, shoes or backpacks. The stickers always adhere reliably without peeling or tearing, even on stretchy materials such as soft-shell jackets.


Easy to useself-adhesive and water resistant

The reflector stickers are particularly easy to use. Simply clean the area to be covered, remove the protective film, and apply the sticker - done. The water-resistant stickers do not lose their adhesive power even in the washing machine. This means they do not have to be removed from textiles before washing. After use, they can still be removed without leaving any residue.


Product details

  • universally applicable to prams, walking bikes and bicycles, outdoor clothing, backpacks, helmets and much more
  • self-adhesive, universally applicable – adheres to various materials (plastic, metal, textiles)
  • patented reflective foil: was coated by Bemis Associates Inc. (patent no. DE: 212013000307U1 / patent no. US: 9,248,470B2)
  • extremely adhesive, weather resistant, hard wearing, washable
  • set consists of 10 printed motifs and 8 strips in different sizes
  • material: 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material
  • Even more safety in the dark ensures our two new stroller lights: the Light&Go USB stroller light and the Light&Go Duo stroller light set of 2 make you even more visible to other road users in the dark and brighten up your surroundings for better orientation.
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item number 53141
EAN code 4013283531419
age 0+
material 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material
colour silver
contents Set of 10 printed motifs and 8 strips in different sizes
packaging size 10,5 cm x 0,2 cm x 24 cm (LxWxH)
notes Pull off the protective film on the back. In the case of textiles, ensure the surface is smooth and remove any creases in advance. Now affix the product by pressing it down firmly.

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