Light&Go USB stroller light

Item details:

  • increases visibility when it is dark
  • flexible clamp attachment enables use on stroller or walking bikes
  • 3 adjustable light modes: continuous light, fast and slow flashing
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Age recommendation: 0 +

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Safety in the dark

Under conditions of poor visibility, such as twilight, darkness, fog, or rain, pedestrians are often only visible at the last moment. This is why walks with a pram or outings on foot, with a bicycle or walking bike can quickly lead to life-threatening accidents on the road.
The Light&Go USB pram light makes you more visible to other road users and so provides greater safety when you’re out and about.


Maximum safetythrough improved visibility

The Light&Go USB pram light makes you visible from a safer distance even when the light is poor. With its powerful LED light, it provides striking but not blinding brightness. The light not only increases your own visibility but also lights up your surroundings optimally – offering greater orientation in the dark.


Safety for big and smallfor prams, balance bikes, scooters and much more

The flexible attachment system enables a wide range of uses. Use on a pram protects you and your baby equally. If your child has outgrown their pram, the light remains a handy assistant. Use on your child’s scooter, balance bike or bicycle will ensure safe rides for many years.


Simple and slip-proof attachmentthanks to flexible clamp fastening

The handy clamp fastening allows the pram light to be easily attached in seconds without any additional tools. The elastic silicone band adjusts flexibly to the diameter of the attachment location and can be fastened to both round and oval pipes with diameters of up to 8.5 cm. After positioning in the location of choice, the hook is simply clicked into the appropriate opening on the silicone band. The slip-proof silicone guarantees a reliable hold in the desired position.


Rapid removal of the lightthanks to the integrated click system

Via an additional click system, the light element can be removed from the attachment band, while the clamp fastening remains on the pram throughout. The light can be released from the holder using a small lever and can comfortably be stored in a pocket thanks to its compact dimensions – for secure storage and protection against theft. When dusk sets in, the light can simply be pushed back into the device – and that’s that.


Easy-peasy usethanks to single-button operation

The light is operated using just one button. Depending on the number of presses, the light is switched on or off or is set to the desired mode. This means that incorrect use is virtually impossible, even for the very smallest. As a result, the light can easily be used by your child, on their morning walk to school for instance.


Individual settingthanks to 3 light modes and 360° swivel joint

Clever features ensure that the light is adjusted precisely to your needs.
The Light&Go has 3 light modes:

  1. Bright continuous light
  2. Dimmed continuous light
  3. Flashing light.

The 360° swivel joint makes sure the beam is angled correctly. Whether fastened to straight or sloping bars, the rotatable light element can always be orientated to ensure the light is directed straight ahead.


Rechargeablethanks to battery operation

The Light&Go USB pram light is fitted with a built-in battery. This guarantees cost-effective use and avoids the continuous purchasing of new batteries. The operating button lights up red to inform you in good time that the battery power is low. You can then quickly and easily recharge the pram light via micro USB cable.


Product details

  • ensures greater visibility in the dark
  • clamp fastening, mounting without a tool
  • single-button operation
  • 3 light modes: 2 brightness levels of continuous light or flashing light
  • 360° swivel joint
  • water-proof casing (IP: 44)
  • dimensions: approx. 7 x 2.5 x 3.5 cm
  • material: plastic, silicone
  • contents: 1x light, 1x micro-USB cable (power supply not included)
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item number 53161
EAN code 4013283531617
age 0 +
material plastic, silicone
colour black
contents 1x light, 1x Micro-USB cable (power supply not included)
packaging size 9.7 cm x 3.5 cm x 12 cm (LxBxH)
notes No

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