IP BabyCam smart baby monitor

Item details:

  • digital transmission — IP technology
  • unlimited range
  • high-resolution HD camera
  • intelligent, adjustable movement and noise sensitivity
  • easy and fast installation via App

Age recommendation: 0+ months

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IP BabyCam

Smart baby monitor


A reliable connection with your child

The safety and well-being of their child is the number-one priority of parents. And you especially always want to know that the child feels well when it is in bed. Since you cannot constantly monitor your child’s sleep in person, you need something to provide reliable monitoring.
With IP BabyCam, you will remain in constant contact with your child and be informed of its well-being. It will give you a window into your child’s room and allow you relax without disturbing your child’s valuable sleep.


Secure connectionwith IP technology

Thanks to digital transmission with IP technology, you will have secure access to your BabyCam anywhere in the world. All the data are encrypted and transmitted to your mobile device. With the unique camera ID and a password of your choice, your data will be protected against third parties. Thanks to IP technology, there are no restrictions on the range of the baby monitor, and you will enjoy clear transmission whenever your mobile device has reception.


Easy setupwith a free app

To use your mobile device as a parent unit for IP BabyCam, you must first download the free app in the App Store or GooglePlay, depending on your operating system. You can link the IPCam with your device in just a few clicks and then start transmission. You can also link multiple cameras with your smartphone. The camera can send the data to multiple mobile devices. This way, for example, grandparents can also keep an eye on your child as it sleeps soundly.
The app can be used with smartphones and tablets.


Low radiation levelthanks to motion and noise activation

Transmission can begin as soon as the app is activated on your device and the IPCam is switched on. Transmission will start, but will not be uninterrupted. If the camera does not detect any activity, the IPCam will switch to standby mode, thereby reducing the radiation. As soon as your child moves or the camera detects sound, it will switch on automatically and send images to your smartphone. They will be sent to your phone as push notifications. You can adjust the noise level at which the camera should start transmitting.


Crystal-clear image and video transmission and recordingthanks to HD resolution

IP BabyCam has a high-definition camera and offers crystal-clear image and video transmission. You can save the images transmitted to your phone and open them at any time. If you want to keep a close watch on your child, you can enlarge the image with 4x digital zoom (controllable via the app) to see even more details.


Gentle calmingwith the two-way intercom function

The familiar sound of a parent’s voice often calms a baby down. Thanks to the loudspeaker integrated in the IP BabyCam, you can use the app to talk to your child directly. This will enable you to calm your child from the living room or as you are on your way to the nursery.


Keep an eye on your child in the darkwith the automatic night vision function

IP BabyCam uses infrared technology to provide a high-quality picture, even if it is dark in your child’s room. This will enable you to see whether your child is actually asleep or awake in the bed. Switching between the day and night view function occurs automatically.


Precise installation for perfect viewswith a practical ball joint and a wall mount

The flexible swivelling and tilting ball joint of the camera gives it a 110° field of view. This panoramic view will enable you to see the entire room and always keep your child in sight. Thanks to its base and wall mount, IPCam can be easily installed on a wall or ceiling or attached to a table.


Product details:

  • digital transmission — IP technology
  • unlimited range
  • direct transmission to your mobile device
  • easy and fast installation via App (App available for free in the AppStore or GooglePlay)
  • compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • intelligent, adjustable movement and noise sensitivity
  • high-resolution HD camera for crystal clear picture and video transmission
  • automatic night vision function
  • two way audio intercome function
  • 4x digital zoom via App
  • image and video capture
  • incl. wall mount
  • content: 1x IP BabyCam, 1x USB power supply, 1x USB charging cable, adaptor for wall mounting
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item number 80300
EAN code 4013283803004
age 0+ months
material plastic
colour white
contents 1x IP BabyCam, 1x USB power supply, 1x USB charging cable, adaptor for wall mounting
packaging size 9.8 cm x 6.0 cm x 15.8 cm (W x D x H)
notes Please observe the supplied operating and safety instructions.

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